Monday Lunch

I think we need to cheer ourselves up in this dreary Monday with some nice lunch. I’m having a 10 minute pulled pork ragu and spaghetti, it’s nice.


is rags aggpass speak for ragu?

looks good, would eat

Well the pork does look like rags after it’s been pulled. Thankyou for point long out my error.

That looks delicious. I’m jealous, although I do have a nice lunch myself, HM chicken stew portion from the freezer.
Didn’t have time yesterday so have to make 2x3 work lunches for the rest of the week tonight but I’m going to the gym so I want something I can make easily. Any ideas anyone?

Preferably veggie.

Wait, how come @Avery gets the leftover curry?

That’s for dinner.


didn’t realise the queen started doing ready meals


Pret sweet potato and beetroot falafel thing. Have it practically all the time. Pretty nice.

Flavoured cous cous with roasted veg and maybe a wee bit of goats cheese

leftover roast chicken bagel. No photo because it’s already in my belly.

half sweet chili chicken, half chili paneer, with rice :yum:

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So that pasta was lovely but i want to eat the second half already :slightly_frowning_face:

Already eaten? If not, photos please

Mushroom, spinach and fried egg sandwich.

Burts sea salt crisps, probably an Easter egg for after.


yeah, soz

Brick Lane special: vegetable samosa, vegetable pakora, paneer roll


spinach and mushroom frittata, slaw and edamame bean salad

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Bit of balsamic glaze over that?

Beef meatballs in tomato sauce.

The idea was that I’d have a big meal now so I’m not tempted to get a chicken burger in the pub tonight. Safe.

Hungry again already, aren’t I.

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