Monday Lunchday


inspire me!


boring packed lunch here i’m afriad


contents, please!


Canteen menu looks very cheese heavy, so probably East Anglian baked potato with tuna mayo, if they have it.


banned act


is this a meme that i didn’t get the memo for?


sesame bagel with ham, cheese, mustard, mayo, rocket
mini cheddars
skyr (blueberry)


sounds decent tbh, love a bagel


already eaten my sandwich (ham and cheddar with spinach, mayo and a pickle)

also eaten a banana

got 2 x easy pealers still to eat.

It’s sunny outside, should get out for a bit but I have no reason to really


I had a fried egg and potato scone roll for breakfast, as I’m absolutely dying of the cold AGAIN (I think my commute on the train, with clatty cunts who don’t cover their mouths and noses while sneezing/ coughing, is killing me). However I am now not even remotely hungry. Might meet Jules for coffee if I can get something turned around and out at work, in the next half hour.


Im getting a masala dosa and im very excited

Might also get some idli sambar and chana masala cos im a greedy pig


would smash


Henry Healy’s breakfast specials- a doubler roll and a tea or coffee- £2.15. Take that you Pret cunts!!!


Probably a microwavable sweet potato and split pea thing from Sainos


yeah, i take my “boring” thing back, was really great actually


would go down to brick lane but i bet it’s a right mare at lunch time


Not normally too bad at lunchtime, i go there when working from the london office. Normally get served in under 10 mins.


aint nobody got time for that!


Omelette (unplain)


contents pls