Monday March 8th 2021 (Daytime)

Morning all. On the 6am shifts this week, which is pish, but it’s light by now which is a massive bonus. Today I get 2 hours off work (hurrah!) to get more root canal treatment (boooooo). What does Monday have in store for you all?

Off to bed, night shift done and have a few days off now to recover. We are getting there now in the hospitals so chin up please everyone, really feels like we are almost there. Nice to walk back when it’s light too. So knackered I’m almost delirious.



Morning, happy international women’s day lads*

Bought the kids loads of new books. Anyway have a great day!



Happy International Women’s Day!! :woman_firefighter::woman_astronaut::woman_scientist::woman_mechanic::policewoman::woman_technologist::woman_factory_worker::person_tipping_hand::woman_cook::woman_student::woman_farmer::woman_pilot::biking_woman::rowing_woman:

Off to work to smash the patriarchy of course.


Oh no, were men not supposed to start threads today? If I missed that I’m so sorry, please feel free to delete

No no, that’s fine…! Maybe I will start a women’s Day bangers thread. They are always excellent.


Not again!

It’s not menless monday because the chump that normally organises it really dropped the ball.


Silly toddler’s first trip to the dentist today. Been trying to prep her but fully expecting a meltdown.

Bloody men!

20 minutes away from finishing my triple night shifts.

Weekend starts now!

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Get the Peppa Pig dentist episode on.

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Celebrating IWD by going to get my chest and knee x-rayed.


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Off today and tomorrow. Want to do something nice with my daughter, but there isn’t anything to do. Might treat myself and do a big shop

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You are the one and only so I hope your Chest Knee Are OKs

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You’re going to need an x-ray yourself after a stretch like that.


One of The Child’s favourite things at the moment is getting to sit in the trolley.

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How Awks!

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36, she is