Monday Mega Evening

Hi, just watched Sister Act with V which was great of course. However despite his Catholic schooling, upbringing and I hope general intelligence he still turned to me at the end and asked why no male nuns were in the film.

Apparently ‘no-one ever told him’ that nuns are just female. 🤷

Anyways, evening plans?

We are having kebabs and watching that Fishing programme.


A bit tired after triple night shifts. I’ll stay in and might watch the films Swallow and The Last Days Of Chez Nous and I’ll try and not to have a drink.

I want to be sensible and have a dry night.

Men in habits? There were nun.



Just finished at the gym. Had to buy some new sunglasses as my sunglasses had broke

Gonna have a bagel when I get home

Evening DiS!

I had to work a bit late today, and if things hadn’t gone my way I’d have still been working now, but the fact I’m horizontal on the sofa means that all is well.

No big plans for tonight. I’m just hoping a Jimbo’s bedtime goes better than last night, when I was still up in his room at 9pm.

Hi Slicky, hi everyone. In a real shitty mood :frowning: gonna have chicken burgers for tea and try and snap out of it.

Back in work tomorrow, got the fears obv

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Still quietly kicking off in the street. I got bored and wandered off to make dinner but I can still hear it.

Poor funks, I very much enjoyed your shop tour. What an absolute mad mix of produce. Xx




might… call my punk band Fucked It

  • fucked it! (yes)
  • fucked it (no)

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I’m watching The Umbrella Academy. Going to see the horses tomorrow :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Trying out different techniques to make the most of the waves in my hair, not sure it’s making a huge difference so far.


Just fucked up some sourdough (I think, still chucked it in the oven)

Have we seen @kermitwormit sushi yet?

Honestly, I barely even started to show you everything we have!

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Pls report back if you find something that works

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went to Stow and Bourton on my way home, both were horribly rammed despite the fact that a) it’s a Monday, b) it’s a pandemic and c) it was pissing it down. Sure they’re both lovely places and certainly seemed pretty, but impossible to enjoy them trying to dodge other people. Was gonna carry on to Castle Combe and that place that @slicky said had big big trout, but I sacked it off and came home.

Feel really sick, probably due to overeating.

Should apply for jobs, cba

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Sent the bairn to nursery with a runny nose. Got a call in the afternoon to collect him, as he had coughed a few times, so he can’t go back to nursery until he has a negative test. The wife and I also now can’t go to work without sorting a negative test. Tried booking a test and nearest available was over 100 miles away, website is fucked. Got a postal test coming but it could mean we’re stuck in the house for most of the week.

Apparently there are new testing slots that go up at 8pm, gonna try that.

So evening plans once he’s in bed are trying that, then sending work into my boss and then… not running cause I don’t think I’m allowed. Bit rubbish.

Seconding this it was mega!

And this… Is my office.

Can’t decide on steak and roasties , scampi and roasties or chicken Kiev and roasties (and veg obv).

  • Steak
  • Kiev
  • Scampi

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I bit through my t-shirt in duress

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