Monday Menless Evening

How’s it going? What do your evenings hold?

D&D night so I am excited for that.


I have two doughnuts!

Suppose I should give one to my mum since it is menless Monday

Hello wonderful FL :heart: Hope you have a lovely time D&Ding xx

Things are going okay, had a moderately stressless work day so that is good. Going to make pasta pesto for dinner, BUT FIRST… I shall be looking for some Christmas decorations to make the newly painted living room look a bit more festive :christmas_tree: :blush:

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Having a mini breakdown about the impossibility of doing my essay, even a very very bad version of it, in time. Worst week ever to start my new job/increased days! Typical innit.

Having a lovely dinner though (vegan beef rice noodles and salt and pepper tofu) and will invariably watch some interior design nonsense and prolong my panic.

How are R’s shorter days going? @anon89873996

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Good evening @anon89873996 and all who post below (and above after taking 5 minutes to type this)

This afternoon/evening has been shite so far. After a night at my parents and getting up at 5 for work after very little sleep, I got home wanting nothing more than a nap on the sofa with kitten asleep on my chest. I come in to find said kitten absolutely covered from head to tail in massive burdocks matted into her fur. And because some of them had gotten entangled with her ahem undercarriage fur, she hadn’t been able to poo properly so there was lots of nasty stuff smooshed in with the burdocks. Three quarters of an hour later, after much fighting, meowling and claws, she was finally trimmed and wet-wiped to something approaching decency. Stupid dickhead cat :rofl: Just woken up from my delayed nap, still at that muzzy stage. Fajitas for dinner, better cook something for the week’s lunches too. Gonna read Pratchett again this evening, I think. Also need a can after the burdock debacle…

really rate ice cream as a snack


Found out earlier that Mrs F’s second scheduled MRI has been upped to ‘urgent’ and booked in for this Wednesday so tonight will be steak for tea, fussing over her and worrying.

V lasagne for tea

Gonna watch TV

Got some biscuits for later.

Evening all. Got a bit of a headache tonight - feel like I should have drank more today. On the plus side, I’ve organised myself for tomorrow (with loads of help from Mrs CCB) so I feel a bit happier about home schooling. Also I’ve got that lovely feeling of having done exercise where you know you’re going to fall asleep within seconds of hitting the pillow later.

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We’ll all be keeping our fingers crossed for you both!

Hope you enjoy the steak at least


Still working as a new project has given me 115 separate trainings to do :woman_shrugging:

Waiting on my Gousto box before I can have dinner, it should be here by 7pm but it’s rarely this late so I’m a bit worried

evening drowned in sounders,

my backs still sore so gonna do some more yoga then gonna make something to eat and then i’m gonna have a face mask. :+1:

Hello :wave: hope everyone is having a good MM3

First day of new job was good, waaaay more structure than I’m used to which I’ve been desperate for. Already had leftover Chinese for tea as we were ravenous

Should probably go to the shops at some point, but also :rotating_light: Quizzy Mondays :rotating_light: (still need a third disser for our only connect team plzzzzz, we’re nice) so guess I have to go now? Rats

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I watched the first two eps of Malcolm in the Middle during lunch and I’m so glad that it holds up. So good

Sorry, what?

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Is it ‘right’?

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Isn’t it Wagons v Hammers tonight?

Just finished the first season. Really good.

Me and Aggpass keep awkwardly joking about entering and I think we actually both want to but yknow, awkward