Monday Moanday

Absolutely Baltic outside. How was yr weekend? Plans for today, if any? Will you see any snow today?

It’s snowing in Crouch End right now.


Pretty much this, yes

SE6: very light snow

Urgh. Still gonna cycle

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Snowing in E5 ffs

Very cold, arguably too cold to cycle but I don’t have any other options so here we are.

Very laid back weekend despite having loads to do. That’s a good thing though.

Two video submissions so far for the Community Tiger Crew Music Video and I haven’t even done my own yet. Tears running down my face watching them, gonna be so much fun putting it all together.

Improv in Eindhoven tonight. That’s about it.


What’s the submission deadline for these? I’m focusing on the Genius annotations right now.

:rotating_light: :snowflake: snowing (extremely lightly) down in Kingston right now :snowflake: :rotating_light:

currently freezing on a train platform because of course my train has been delayed

edit: my train didn’t even bother stopping at my station, get to wait a bit longer :clap:

Um, I don’t know? I guess a deadline would be a good idea, keep the whole thing focused.

Rest assured it won’t be going out before I get submissions (or confirmation that they’re definitely not taking part) from the VIP people (e.g. you).

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EC1V - snow (with added GRIT BIN).


Cheers - BNGR lyrics first pass is done on Genius. Definitely some points where I need TC input

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Weekend was good. Spent loads of time having fun with the kids. Needed it.

In Leicester today for a meeting which meant travelling yesterday. Pretty weak. Wonder if the snow will fuck my travel up tomorrow, and maybe I should travel home tonight instead.

Morning Rich, morning everybody. It’s been snowing in Walthamstow since at least 5.25, when I left for the gym in my kit, including shorts. Fashion score: Geordie/10.
Got to go out and buy food, but really want to stick the heating on and read a book.

Ill. So ill that watching endless episodes of portillo riding around California on a train seems like the best option.



Kik on tour


Was in bed last night when I got word that my friend got robbed last night and they didn’t want to stay in their house, so no sleep until 3am for me! Many Coffees shall be drank today

Ah, the Kris Kristofferson breakfast.

Morning! Went for beers after mixing some of our album yesterday and didn’t stop when I should have and now OH NO HELP EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE

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