Monday moanday

Morning all.

On a bus to the airport after a long weekend in Turin. Had a lot of fun, Turin is cute and Club to Club festival was great (Aphex Twin shredded my face).


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3 day week and I have a severe case of the cbas


Sorry to hear that but not sure why you’ve used the ‘upset Hercule Poirot’ emoji though (image in case it renders differently for others)


The mist looks pretty nice this morning


WFH but have so much to do.

Table and chairs for the kitchen should finally be being delivered.

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Hiya. My sister bought me a nice breakfast and a sarnie for my lunch. Really nice to see her and have a conversation without being interrupted by kids.

Today will either be easy or extremely tough but I won’t find out which until about lunchtime.


find washing my hair to be the main things that really makes me feel properly clean and much better about the day



I wash mine every day


why the lol?

What kind of sandwich is this?!?

Work, penoid pub night, sleep.

Oh wait it’s shit fireworks night for cunts, isn’t it? Need to think about the knock-on effects of that for my penoiding plans.

Hi there all. Had a good weekend. Spent a chunk of time with the kids doing groovy shit in the city, and feel like my eldest has fully adjusted from being a wee rural kid to a city kid well. She is desperate for a bus ride too.

I think I’ll be traveling for work this week which is lowering my mood substantially. Will need to keep an eye on it.

Yeah. Fucks sake.

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Pretty sure they don’t let off fireworks in pubs FYI.

School run in eighteen minutes. Train to work then work but totally cba. Need other people to actually pull their fingers out and get stuff uploaded so my team can stop sitting on their arses doing fuck all.

Desk move this week, pulled rank for the window seat, going to have people sulking about that too. Fuck them.

Don’t want to be around folk today. Hope I get left alone.

washing my hair and brushing my teeth are the two things pretty much guaranteed to make me feel human


I hate the feeling of not doing it but I get this too. Sometimes morning OJ takes priority and I’m not going to deal with the awful mint/orange flavour hybrid

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