Monday Monday Monday

Kinda just accepting that I’m the daily thread starter now.

Once again woken up perilously early but that is ok… No work today! Hope all those working have a great Monday.

Ive got a tesco order coming today. This also marks day six of no fags!

Happy day x


Can’t sleep, been awake most of the night. Boyfriend has too, and has been complaining of aches and pains since yesterday, which is worrying me and I hope he’s not getting ill. I’m hoping it’s just because he did some cleaning on Saturday instead of just playing video games all day, and his muscles aren’t used to it.


Well done on the fags. :+1:


Good morning, gonna fix my phone today, was going to leave the screen smashed but I remembered I clean the screen a lot with surgical spirit after going out and a cracked phone will just give more surface area to all the stuff I wipe off. I’ve got bruxism (teeth grinding at night) and I’ve been grinding so much my whole head hurts :woozy_face:

You’re the daily thread starter, punkin’ instigator
You’re the fear addicted, a danger illustrated
You’re a daily thread starter, twisted daily thread starter.

(sorry, I haven’t had much sleep - might be a bit delirious)

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Come on folks we can do this. Another piffling stupid week is no match for our grit.

(Hold me)

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First day back to work after 7 months

Pretty anxious.

Happy birthday @barleysugar :kissing_heart:

Woke him up with a cup of tea even tho last night he said to make him a coffee lol


I wonder how many of the 30 children in my class will be in today. I reckon all thirty

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Slept poorly fuck off bye

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It’s blowing a hoolie isn’t it


excuse me

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Gonna stay in today.

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Fucking mental

You souths wouldn’t understand

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Good luck man

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Woke up too early. Dropped our bowl of bircher muesli on the kitchen floor. It smashed. Silly toddler is still a bit under the weather. Isolating until her test result comes back. Bleurgh.

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Imagine if Dead Kennedys meant, like, Karl and Susan