Monday, Monday, Monday

Hey hey DiS. Wuu2 2day? Will work be busy? Are you off? Tell me all about it.

Day 5/9 and a 4am start for me today. Wasn’t too bad getting up at that time tbh. But man, this week cant end soon enough.


Morning biscuit!

Had a ‘good’ day of work where I solved a problem with programming that I thought would be a complete nightmare. I reckon it looks decent. Now we find out if the head guy agrees.

(Am I meant to be singing the title to this thread to the tune of a famous U2 song about the ennui of the last day of the weekend?)


Off to work myself, slightly more sensible 7:30 start. It’ll be busy, but not as busy as I was expecting it to be two weeks ago. Flat out shift and then an evening on the sofa, I reckon

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Just about to leave for another long day down the beer mines. Already daydreaming about getting into bed tonight.


Keep waking up to the baby furiously sucking her hand. Sort of cute but also gross


Crazy vivid dreams again. Had booster Friday night.

Jab makes for crazy vivid dreams? Can’t remember from last time, plus different jab anyway.

Crazy vivid dreams most discombobulating.

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day (self-isolating following my international travel)


F still occasionally does this while engrossed in telly. So very weird and grim, yeah.

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Morning pickles

Was awake from 4-6 as why not?

Wondered about buying, writing and posting cards but have serious what’s the point/can’t be arsed vibes

Might drag kids for a walk to cheer myself up. Thought school holiday would help but I still just feel unrelentingly sad.

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Morning all :wave:

Got my hair cut first thing, and off to get my booster jab later this morning. Otherwise, another day of working from home! This time of year tends to be quiet but punctuated with emergencies of one kind or another.

Hugs to any of you who are feeling sad at the moment x


Morming, working from parent’s home.

Was trying to get Roxy up for a cuddle but she wouldm’t shift from her bed…until I got toast

Credit to parents have a got a very good seeded batch loaf in, discredit to parents have got the wrong type of dairy free spread in.


I’ve already decided this morning that I’m not doing cards this year, cannot CBA

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No work, my flat is utterly disgusting so hopefully today will mainly be cleaning, the only limit is how long I keep going before I stop

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Morning :wave:

I am working but hopefully shouldn’t be too stressful.

Watched half of The Holiday last night so will finish that at some point.

Hoping my son’s PCR result comes back today so he can leave quarantine.

Always sleep so badly on Sunday night if I have to work in the morning. Like, really fractured sleep, waking up seemingly every half hour or so.

Thoughts with those in hospitality or retail this week. Teachers also (although I think you guys are done now right?)

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:heart: :heart: :heart:


Knackered and a lil tickle in my throat… Please not Rona, please not Rona, please not Rona.

Got to do some work today and also write the rest of the work Christmas quiz. Really wish Comms director wasn’t taking part so I could have used rude anagrams. I have only written three rounds so far and they’ve been like pulling teeth … Remind me not to offer to do a Christmas quiz next year. This is the fourth year in a row :sob:

Gonna cane some Monster.

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Working today audit

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Feeling a bit better. No D&V yesterday but my stomach is hurting still. Food poisoning is very odd sometimes.

4 days of work left, it’s payday and I’m still in bed.


Still a bit foggy here this morning.

Just got my porridge on the go on the hob.

Not much planned for the day. Dog walking. Maybe a bike ride. Might make some more mince pies later. Also need to re-dogproof the garden at some point.