Monday, Monday... so good to me?


Morning DiS! How are we?


Good morning tiltington! I’m ok, a bit sleepy and not sure why I’m awake when I don’t have to go to work. But it’s a lovely day already so I’m going to take my coffee into the garden and talk to the ducks over the hedge.

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Morning mills, all,

I’m still terribly hungover. Had one of those nights where sleep only seems to work in twenty minute bursts, then couldn’t sleep past about 6. Hoping that gnome wants to go for a walk round the park in a bit. I think embracing existence is the only choice left. Going to give her some more cuddles first.



at the gym. waiting on a squat rack. as per.

looks like another lovely day though so that’s good.

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Off to Oxford for a site visit. Looking at flood defences or something. Weather looks nice and I could do with a few days away from the office.

Also: unlike last Monday Fake Monday Tuesday, I’ve not missed my train!!!


I implore you all not to go to work


Too late, I’m already on the tram. :grimacing:

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I’m not but I have to pop in there later to pick up a parcel if that’s ok?

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Btw anyone avoiding GoT spoilers should mute roxanne gay on twitter


Morning all. A day of two halves. Both of which might paint me as somewhat of a geek. :robot:

At work, I’ve got to finish testing this software and launch our mobile app into the big wide world.

After work, heading to my Sci-Fi book club, which I am looking forward to. Great book, GBOG.


I don’t watch it, but the general Twitter consensus isn’t great. I can tell that much.


i mute twitter entirely


Spent the whole weekend galavanting. Don’t even have a clean shirt to wear.

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I don’t mind spoilers but mute certain phrases anyway. Some people don’t give a shit about ruining others enjoyment though. Coming from a writer and critic it’s particularly stupid and selfish.

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Working tomorrow instead of today which I’m glad about as strong cba levels



Level of work dread is very high and I’m still sat in bed avoiding getting ready… really really really cba.



My old boss replied to my email about my name change and was so nice and said she’d hire me back any time, which is both very nice and very painful on account that I miss it like crazy but can’t afford my house and dog on the kind of salary they can offer.

Have to do a week’s worth of work today for a task I don’t really understand at all. Need out of this job ASAP.


I’ve never twatted a tweet on Twitter either.


Walking to the train with my lunch in a carrier bag like Roy Cropper


Leading 2 training sessions this morning. Fuck sake

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