Monday, Monday... so good to me?

Finally took the charity shop pile to the charity shop after it’s been sat in the living room for months so now I feel like I can do ANYTHING

Although I do feel a bit nauseous


Oh shit, I need to do that today as well!

I am absolutely not going to work today. (Though I do have to call into the office to pick up some post.)

Got a fuck tonne of work this week. Still feeling a bit drained from Saturday nights escapades.
That being said playing 5s tonight for the first time in so so long. :+1:
I’m also 41 today :-1:


Why did my sex music thread get deleted?

Happy Birthday Lopes! :tada::confetti_ball::clinking_glasses::balloon::tada:

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Happy Birthday lopes ya glorious cunt ya.

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That makes it a picnic

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Morning yaaaalll

Just me and the bean (6 month old) today. I bloody love Mondays at the moment. Off for a walk and a coffee in a bit


Got a couple of Britney picks for me?

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Happy birthday!

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Morning all

It’s a proper Bill Withers of a day isn’t it? I actually had a really good night’s sleep and a nice cycle into work. I mean, this week is going to suck as much as any five-day working week but you’ve got to rejoice in the minor victories.


Good morning pals.
Full of anxiety and dread.
Wonder how long it’ll take work to wipe away the remaining glow of fun weekend happiness from me?

Hope everyone has a much better Monday than they’re expecting x

That’s ok, just need to tidy up the playlist before I add any more bands or they’ll all be out of order and I won’t sleep.

What a weekend. Passed exam. Ran 100% Fresh indicating universal acclaim tournament. Tonbridge got promoted. Got off with the person I fancy the most for the first time in ages :slight_smile:

So now it’s the start of my birthday week and post-event I’m doing as little as possible for the next few evenings. (Next week the grind starts again as I need to submit my journalism portfolio in early June to give me a chance to resubmit it by July if I fail.) Going into work at 10 because what’s the rush :sweat_smile:


happy birthday my man! hope ye have a smashing day x

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Trying to round up the gang to go see Detective Pikachu some time this week.


Happy Birthday, Handsome! :kissing_heart: :birthday::balloon: x

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Boss 5 is back in the office. Fuckkkkkk Monday

I woke up at 6 wide awake cause I’d slept from about 7.30-midnight before bed last night. Went back to sleep and now I’m really tired. Sorry this is a bad tweet or. Whatever it is.