Monday Monday

Morning guys.

Did you all have a good weekend?
What’s on the agenda today?

I’ve almost finished a 13hr nightshift moving stock around the shop floor so we can fit our new lines and Xmas stock out. Fucking shattered. Got an hour drive home too. Might stop at McDonald’s for breakfast possibly.

Morning @rich-t! I had a great weekend, unpacked my apartment on Saturday morning then had a birthday party Saturday night. Drank too much and stayed out way too late. Sunday was a bit of a write-off, stayed in bed a lot, walked around town a bit to get some sun then went back to bed.

Lots of work on today – my aim this week is to try and get 8 hours sleep a night.

Bon matin major dudes.
I’m sick as a dog, been up since 3:30 watching cartoons. Strong start to the week. The sickness is manifesting as a swollen uvula (weird dangly throat bit) which is actually really wobbly and hilarious to look at. Gonna eat loads of soup and watch more cartoons and nap through the day.

Have the afternoon off! Yay!
Need to catch up on other work! Nay!

Off through to the Burgh of Edin (might start calling it Dzekoburgh) for training. Up too early so gonna have an Earl Grey.

Got Sigur Ros tonight, but again need to sort out tickets as were sent to old address.


:biking_woman: :books: :pensive:



I’m on my way to work already. Had a horrible night’s sleep so feel a bit tired. I’ve got my pottery class tonight though, so I’m looking forward to that.

My weekend was good; didn’t have any plans for the first time in ages so sorted through loads of stuff at home.

Didn’t fall asleep on the drive home :+1::+1:


I am in Biarritz.

Weather’s not great today so we’ll probably do the Aquarium, couple of churches, museum etc today and save the more outdoorsy stuff for tomorrow, which looks more scorchio.

I wanted to play something in the casino for a giggle, but I looked into it and did you realise that they’re almost all games of chance?! Ridiculous.


On my first of three buses before getting a train out to the boonies to work on something with a bunch of students :cloud_with_rain: :disappointed: doing this all week. Ffffuuuuu.

Back at work after three days and a weekend off. Feeling like I have a cold coming on. Looking outside and wishing I never had to go to work again even though I like my job. Better get dressed and go for the bus…

Got this week off work but not too sure what to do today other than admin stuff. Weather’s looking a bit :cloud_with_rain:

Still dark in Sutton Coldfield :neutral_face:
Had a double bill of Spotlight and Nocturnal Animals on DVD last night: both very good. Then when I switched to TV I watched the final hour of Falling Down: classic. Robert Duval is brilliant in that

Oh goodie, another massive load of roadworks at angel that disrupts about 20 bus routes :expressionless:

WFH today.
Got a long week of really inefficient business travel ahead of me this week. 3 nights away from home for two 3 hour meetings :neutral_face:


Going Ikea
My 3 year old is waaaayyyyy toooooo much for me this morning

Bit soggy out.
Standard weekending.
Need coffee.

No jobs on so I’m gonna make a start on my tax return today


@allnerve - I finished the last of my peanut M&Ms. It’s not even 9am :confused: