Monday monday!

Morning! What’s new? I’m in work early as my book publishes today so there is a lot on. Excited to get it out of my head. Tomorrow is a public holiday too so I am totally ready to do nothing for a couple of days.

Weekend was a 6/10 I reckon.

  • Saw Lady Bird which I loved
  • Ate a bucket of halloumi yesterday which is always good.
  • Got wrecked on Friday night which ended up as a bit of a barney with the TV on Saturday morning.
  • Sleeping pattern is totally wrecked at the moment, though I think today’s deadline might help.

HBU? Nice weekend? Good week ahead?


Morning SSF

At work at normal time because my job is shit. It’s fucking cold today

Really good weekend. One of those which seemed packed without doing much. Did some chores, drank some wanker beers, saw family yesterday and went for a lovely meal for lunch.

Highly doubt it

I don’t want to go to work :tired_face:

Morning ssf, good luck with your book being published, I imagine the day when you finally get it out into the world is a pretty nice feeling.

My weekend was a bit rubbish mh-wise, glad to see the back of it tbh.

The week ahead should be slightly above average as I am seeing Angel Olsen tomorrow night at my favourite venue. I don’t think I have been this excited for a gig in a very long time, I did a bit of a giddy laugh when I got my ticket last week :grinning:

Weather is meant to be rubbish today, it might be a challenge keeping R occupied because he always wants to be outside at the moment. Will probably get the paints out and we can make a mess.


Congrats on the book, that’s great news! What book is it?


Morning! Today is my Sunday so it’s planning, sewing on scout badges and maybe doing some window washing.

Adult life is so unexciting isn’t it?

Have a good day y’all!

I just realised it sounds like it’s a book I wrote! I wish. Unfortunately not - it is a GCSE Science textbook that I have been in charge of at work. I have learned an alarming amount of science and some of it is quite interesting, but we published it in 4 months which has basically killed me I think.


Mega work dread today - this is the problem with having a really fun long weekend, innit?


Had a great weekend faffing about on some bikes with the bike wankers in the Peaks. I’m still a bit ill though, which is annoying. Gonna spend this week “resting” as I am meant to be doing a Bloody Big Bike Ride on Saturday :neutral_face:

Awful nights sleep. But: two day week then NYC so :sunglasses:

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Morning SSF & co!

Good luck with publishing the book.

Spent the weekend working on the initial masters for the DiS community record label’s first sampler release. There are some talented folks on here I tell you. Also finished watching season 2 of Sneaky Pete and made a great mushroom chilli last night.

Work should be busy but hopefully ok this week. Weather’s shit though innit? Feels like autumn again.

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Woke up to the wind and rain :no_mouth:

All hail Winter 3



GOOD: got out of my social plans this weekend so lay around reading bad fantasy novels all weekend, which is what I needed

BAD: cba with going to work. Stomach is a mess. Still tired.

PLANS: pubrunner today and Thursday as we all try-hard for the upcoming European championships. Gf is away on holiday this week so I’ll otherwise be sitting around in my pants making unwise dietary choices. Can’t wait.

Winter III lives on!

It’s May tomorrow and it’s Four-fucking-Degrees out there

Morning all. Good weekend, with a bit of it spent in Clonmel with my family and the rest spent with the TV. My Nan has gone into a nursing home though and she’s worried she’s not going to get home again, which now has me worried.

Starting a new routine of going to work an hour early. TV is getting up at half-six every morning so I’m just going into work rather than lazing about.

Have a few gigs to book today. Weirdly they’re not for any of my bands but for friends’ bands. Am I becoming an agent???

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Not yet! Am I not a proper agent until that happens?

Ah! It is the morning and I am still a sleepy man!