Monday Monday

Morning, it’s Monday again,

How’s everyone? Hope you had a nice weekends :heart:

Pretty worried today is going to be a bit of a bad day work wise. So that’s not good.

Anyway, I look forward to hearing about your days, may they be better than mine! :laughing: xxx

Gonna get up and go to work. Might treat myself to a boiger and cinema trip post-work



I am concerned and disappointed by the greyness of the weather this morning.

Feeling a bit rough this morning. Maybe I’m jetlagged from the clocks changing.

Clock change really hit me this morning. Up early to get into office, so double down on that hour shift.

Working on annual budget stuff at work today.

Need to just edit my interview task for tomorrow and maybe have a skim read of some documents.

Dungeons and Dissers tonight.

Very grey day here too, not inspiring me to leave the house at all. Lots of work to do today and more forklift training so hopefully they day will fly by and I’ll be back in my pyjamas before I know it.

Surely the prospect of forklift training is more than enough to get you out of the house?


Of course. Except that there’s also a board meeting today so there’s a high chance I’ll crash it and break a load of valuable stuff with all the directors watching.

Problem Oops GIF


This is genuinely a very real fear for me at the moment!

I’m sure you’ll be fine. I have every faith in your forklifting skills.

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Morning! Not very well so had a shit night’s sleep. Gonna try and get another ten mins before work.

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A nice vgn place was supposed to closing at the end of the month and was gonna go this week, but theyve just posted to say theyve close as of last night :frowning:

If I bury my face in my freshly cleaned sweatshirt it’ll all be fine. Won’t it. Yes it will :laughing: aaaah.

It’s my Friday :tada::tada:

Couldn’t give a fuck about today. Will squeeze a walk in after work at 1.30. bangers, mash and beans for tea. It’s a brilliant day


morning - went to bed at 10 (fell asleep fast) with the intention of leaping out of bed to do chores etc at 6. Did not manage that. Nice sleep anyway

I did the “soak mouldy sealant with bleachy loo roll” thing on my bathroom sink yesterday - took it off this am, fucking amazing :heart_eyes:. Gonna do it on the shower today, cannot wait

just work and chores until D&D this eve, hopefully get a lunch bike in. It’s my daughter’s birthday so hopefully will speak to her later on

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Might take the day off as i don’t feel so good, was up most of the night, and instead of taking it off and working anyway I’m going to nap, do an online shop (payday at last!) and plan a nice weekend to take advantage of the babysitter i booked last week just in case some plans came off but very grumpily accepted last night that they’re not happening :see_no_evil:

Might have vegan hot dogs for dinner :yum:

First day at new job.

Why are commuters so loud, it’s early


Nice to see that commuter trains still smell like sewage. Missed that.

going for a long walk with some friends today :slight_smile:


Slept terribly. Watched most of the Oscars live. Lots of adverts. Need caffeine.