Monday Monday

It’s Monday morning, you know what to do it

My Friday today. Finishing at 1.30. That’s it for me.



Another week off for me.

Today will be spent waiting for a parcel this morning and then there’s a bloke coming to fit a load of blinds this afternoon.

Hoping to get chance to go for a quick bike ride - need to find a local loop for when I cba going further afield.

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Morning all!

It looks like it will be a nice day here. I’ll be wearing shorts.

I’ll be meandering my way through some admin tasks with breaks for coffee and snacks.

Gonna go to work and do work, like a sucker


Busy week iiirc. Some training today in the town hall extension, hope I see Pat Karney so i can stick my tongue out at him.

Got a dentist appointment in about 30 mins. First one in like a decade and I’m really nervous

Morning all.

Back in work after a week in Mallorca.

Feels like first day of new job mk III.

Absolutely knackered today after hosting twenty 8/9yo girls for my youngest’s Birthday party yesterday

So of course I got up at 6am for no reason - though maybe it was an act of clairvoyance as the cat tried to walk in the house with a dead thrush in her jaws at about 6:15


Grapefruit and coffee for breakfast. I hope the rest of the day doesn’t continue in such a bitter fashion

Happy Monday and happy birthday @xylo


morning everyone. car people, who owe me a good amount of money, are still saying no to paying it to me. that is fucked up.

my mood is poor. i went to troon yesterday to blow the cobwebs away, and it worked but i woke again this morning feeling gloomy. i guess that makes sense.

i launched a new Jazz based show on Dissonance today; check it out, please? want honest feedback.


See that Best Oral Mex sign on Chilangos every day and only just realised what the pun was :see_no_evil:

Need to get more than 5 hours sleep tbh tbf.
Got some really boring web developments to do that are so boring I really can’t be arsed. Maybe I will make it play in da club when they press a button or something.

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Good god I’d like to go back to sleep

Coffee, birdwatching, mainlining ibuprofen for a dodgy shoulder, hopefully a crab sandwich on the beach, and then taking the kids to Europe’s biggest funfair after school.

Also seeing how much NiN the TV can stand whilst in the car from @Jimouthargyle 's playlist. Am guessing it’s going to be less than one full song.


No work for me today so might lounge around in bed for a while then I need to go and buy meat for tomorrow’s bbq and wrap Mrs F’s birthday presents. That’s about it tbh.

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shouting “I hate this meeting” repeatedly before joining my weekly Monday morning teams meeting is really cathartic and should be how I start every week.


Sat down on the bed with work laptop at about 7:45am to make a quick priority list before popping out for a walk and coffee but then the cat curled up on my lap so instead I’ve just blasted through a good chunk of my weekly reporting and it’s barely 9am! Looks like it could be a two hour lunch kinda day :eyes:


Most people might think it rude to have a department-wide meeting at 10am on a Monday but not my boss.

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8am meeting every monday and thursday for me until i changed rolls last month went on for years