Monday moody evening

How moody are you feeling?

I’m in such a bad mood :see_no_evil:

Had hot dog again, thank god they’re all eaten now. Want to write BUT JUST TOO MOODY

Want a cup of tea. Too moody.


I’m always moody as of late.

Just prepped my dinner though and am on the last episode of the first series of friends.

Had a bath too and read a bit of a book.

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Last night in Mallorca, having a beer with the TV watching the sunset somehow not happen.

But the company is good and we’re going to dinner.
So not moody at all.
I should get off my phone. :sweat_smile:


This had reminded me to look at photos where I’m going on Thursday night and I’m less moody now :blush:


Not moody today and feel like I might finally maybe feeling generally better after being in a pretty bad place for quite a while. Trying my best to climb out, anyway :slightly_smiling_face:

There were no en croutes in the shop @kermitwormit :pensive: so just had plain salmon and harissa and maple syrup roast veg, bit boring but nice enough.

Also finished off the torte, you can see the caramel layer better in this pic


A moody contribution


In quite a chilled mood, surprisingly.

7up Free is the business.


had leftover Chinese utilising our new microwave. had two bags of prawn crackers. only connect in a bit. chucked a few bits on freecycle. feelin human.

How many packets of noodles is that please?

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I hope your bad mood goes away soon, Scout! :sunflower:

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Fine. Just gonna have a bath

Hey :blush:

I’m in very tired, so cranky. Made a banging pie. Incredible scenes. Pastry was rustic, but excellent filling. Watching Frozen Planet 2 with a beer and probably napping.


No way to talk about dancing abilities

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Oh yes! I’m so excited for this I punched the air yesterday when I saw the advert for it :smile:

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Angrily sucking a Werthers wishing it was a bag of chocolate buttons


Pub quiz called off, not too fussed. But didn’t make it outside due to shopping delays which is annoying as it was actually sunny too

Trying to make buffalo wings for the first time and my god I’m bad at organising when making a new recipe. Hadnt to look up how to separate wings in the middle of cooking ffs

Hopefully good results though

Moody level - 6/10


It’s been a stinky dog poo of a day

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An, that orca whale segment :exploding_head: