Monday morning 14.10.19

Good morning folks!

Coming crashing back to the real world after an amazing weekend of roasts, ciders and watching twin peaks.

First of many early mornings as my gf has started a job with split shifts. Not so bad. Should probably join a gym or something to do with the time.

Dread for work is quite high. If I recall correctly I left loads to do on Friday so this morning will be a mad scramble to remember what it was and finish it. Also did one of those personality tests on the weekend and it revealed I am incredibly I’ll suited to my job. Horray!!

How u ?

Swapped my work days to wait in for an ikea delivery. Just got a text saying it’s coming tomorrow, so have had to rearrange it until next week.

That was incredibly boring. Sorry.


Frustrated by a support issue. Will have to hand over I think. Can’t work out if I’ve just been stupid or don’t know the area well enough but this is the third accounts issue that I’ve had to hand over I think and it’s annoying.

Am thinking about buying a little guitar amp, just a practice one, but they seem more expensive that I was expecting. Possibly just the conversion to AUD still messing with my head I suppose.

Fucking hell, fuck you delivery wanks!


Eating yogurt ten days last it’s BB. No mould but now I’m wondering if it tastes a bit funny, or is it just because I know. Guess we will find out.

Getting up in the dark is horrible.



Woke up before 7 (it is now 8:25 here) by my BFF’s kids singing loudly. Better than a standard alarm, tbf.

We watched The Princess Bride for the first time last night! Was a lot less laugh out loud funny than I was expecting, but still good stuff obviously.

I’ve been busy all weekend so thankfully have today off, heading out to the horses in a bit. Job interview (for horse job) tomorrow, and only 3 sleeps until horror film festival :black_heart:


hardly slept, trains late, big spot on my face, massive slug on my kitchen floor, no coffee in the coffee machine

good start

I just took this spooky photo on the way to work


Fuck off Monday


Did some running, just want to go back to bed now.

exercise in the morning is supposed to invigorate you etc

does it fuck. I’m just tired.


Honestly can’t face the idea of walking back uphill to work. Haven’t my legs suffered enough? Fuck off topography.


Had a dream last night about eating Bolsanaro. Seems like a good idea, tbh.


Got the old booze regrets this morning after spending for too much money and getting hammered on Saturday. Apologies to @Avery and @Gnometorious for the state I was in.

Today should be quite quiet. Raining outside which means the high street will be dead. Lots to catch up on though, so enough to keep me busy

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Waiting for a bloke to jumpstart my car. Not a euphemism.


think I must’ve slept in the shape of a question mark last night, back aches like fuck :sob:

just need to get through today then Ill be fine. everything is going to be ok.

my work nemesis just asked me about my holiday. managed to condense 3 weeks into ‘it was good thanks’ :unamused:


These always sound like a absolute hell

hi team, was at a wedding yesterday and it was great fun. enjoyed it a lot. got to bed at 2am and was in here at 7.30.


Wayne’s tie in this is fucking me up.