Monday morning 14.10.19

I’m deeply suspicious of anyone who’s actually good at bowling, tbh.

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I thought this was a reply to leafy.


do you mean stuck them in your ear canals to fish out wax or swab the outside of them like what you’re supposed to do?

answer is the same either way dunno why im asking

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I read a thing about the importance of rewarding yourself. Was super-productive this morning so I rewarded myself with a bar of Whole Nut.

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you got mustard on there? that needs some mustard

The ear canals. I clean the outsides of them regularly obviously.

Stuffing and horseradish inside.

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thinking of starting yoga. does anyone do yoga and if so, do they like it?

Used to do it but stopped because I hated it.

Happy to help.

why did you hate it?

used to. stopped because it was too expensive.

could do it at home on my own but i don’t.

an hour’s class was £10, which seemed okay, but spending £40 a month on doing yoga seemed kinda crazy

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I’m extremely inflexible (one physio reckons I probably have a connective tissue disorder) so I can’t get very far into a lot of poses and the instructor used to manhandle me into stretching further, presumably because she thought I wasn’t trying.

Remember her standing over me pushing on my shoulders with all her weight to try to get them flat on the ground and it not working. Didn’t stop her trying though.


ah, didn’t realize the instructors got hands on like that. that would really, really put me off tbh.

I’m sure she’d have stopped if I’d asked, but couldn’t take the pressure of being “haw, gonnae stop touching me please” man.


Welp today has turned into a flaming wreck after initial optimism. I am incredibly anxious and my back fucking aches and my stomach is away with it. Cbf

I have done bits here and there. Did a five week beginners course at Easter which was really good but didn’t keep it up as My gym also offers yoga and I didn’t see the point in paying extra for something I could get for free. Of course I have never ever gone to yoga at my gym :woman_shrugging:.

My instructor wasn’t a perv, but he would come up behind you when you were in downward dog and readjust your hips which was just a wee bit awkward.

You should give it a go, but doing weights, running and yoga all at the same time might be a bit much to start with?

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Mine used to tie a strap around my thighs and yank them towards her. Felt like something was going to snap.

yeah, I was wondering about this. one of the reasons I asked was because I don’t know how strenuous yoga is and one of my goals is to increase flexibility/improve my joints. was thinking a class or two a week couldn’t hurt, and its cheap here too.