Monday morning, 3/12/18

Morning team! How’s everyones dread? Mines low level. Working all weekend means Monday isn’t too bad, and I’ve got leftover mac and cheese for lunch. Got a fair bit of work to do today though so that’s not great. Have a passable Monday everyone!

Dread levels low, mainly as I’m off tomorrow (weird working patterns before Xmas), but still noticeable. Get through today, go shopping and maybe have a beer.


Meant to be wfh today but can’t cos of the burglary yesterday (see Sunday thread).

Realised that as my work laptop was due to be replaced on Thursday it was literally three days away from retirement. RIP trusty but heavy Fujitsu,

Sorry to hear about all that pal, it’s a really shitty thing to happen.


Morning all

Dread levels are pretty high, even though I’ve not got many meetings today. Can’t remember a weekday I didn’t wake up feeling like this.

Did you ever hear back about that brewery job?

morning all

dread levels are through the roof as I was off all last week, switched off my work phone when I left on Friday evening and haven’t turned it back on yet so no idea what awaits me when I get in. I think at best it’ll be a fuck load of emails and having two people’s worth of work to do, so that’s good :sweat:

10 days to go til I’m off for Christmas!!!

The fuckers pulled the job and never emailed any applicants. Only found out as I was in there and asked if I would hear anything as the job had been open for a month. They’ve either decided they don’t need somebody, or more likely, found somebody they’ve fancied and offered them the job.

Oh well, easy come easy go

Toady is definitely, at least a Wednesday


Sounds like someone’s applied that they know or is one of their mates or something. Pretty shady behaviour. I’ve got an interview on Wednesday for a sales rep job with Salcombe Brewery, would love that job but I think I’m slightly underqualified.

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Thanks - in terms of actual stuff they really took nothing of financial value, but boyyyyy did every little sound last night wake me up :sleeping: :upside_down_face:

Pretty much. You’ll smash it m9

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Morning. I know what you mean about daily dread, CCB. Solidarity.

Met a 2-year old black lab on the dog walk this morning. His name? Luther. God…damnit.

Love it when your posts read like they were written by your avatar dog.


Got a middling case of the eponymouses so working from wfh. The work system is down for everyone, which is going to make meeting my FINAL, NON-EXTENDIBLE deadline today somewhat challenging.

Mondays, eh. What a load of wank.


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I think you were dangerously underqualified for that job anyway.


Sorry to hear about them pulling the job though boss, keep your eyes peeled for other stuff now you’ve got the bug!


I’m not having today. I’m just not ruddy bloody having it.


Evening folks. Lot of dread here today, had to start the day running a training session, which I should objectively do easily but still caused stress. Then birthday shopping stress.

Finished the day with a Christmas dinner with local law librarians though, so I think we all know who won this one (me. It’s me, because there was free wine).

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