Monday morning, 3/12/18


Sounds like someone’s applied that they know or is one of their mates or something. Pretty shady behaviour. I’ve got an interview on Wednesday for a sales rep job with Salcombe Brewery, would love that job but I think I’m slightly underqualified.


Thanks - in terms of actual stuff they really took nothing of financial value, but boyyyyy did every little sound last night wake me up :sleeping: :upside_down_face:


Pretty much. You’ll smash it m9




Morning. I know what you mean about daily dread, CCB. Solidarity.

Met a 2-year old black lab on the dog walk this morning. His name? Luther. God…damnit.


Love it when your posts read like they were written by your avatar dog.

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Got a middling case of the eponymouses so working from wfh. The work system is down for everyone, which is going to make meeting my FINAL, NON-EXTENDIBLE deadline today somewhat challenging.

Mondays, eh. What a load of wank.




I think you were dangerously underqualified for that job anyway.


Sorry to hear about them pulling the job though boss, keep your eyes peeled for other stuff now you’ve got the bug!


I’m not having today. I’m just not ruddy bloody having it.


Evening folks. Lot of dread here today, had to start the day running a training session, which I should objectively do easily but still caused stress. Then birthday shopping stress.

Finished the day with a Christmas dinner with local law librarians though, so I think we all know who won this one (me. It’s me, because there was free wine).


Slept for 9 and a half hours last night and somehow I’m still tired? Didn’t really embrace the dread this morning, just started cracking on so am already at the office ready to get this twat of a Monday out the way.

Gonna cook some nice sea bass tonight :yum:


On train to Edinburgh, 45 mins after the one I usually get. No you’re gonna be late



Last day if anyone wants to enter the raffle today, still have some free tickets available too if anyone can’t afford them :slight_smile:

Going to listen to some Angel Olsen and saw up some bits of metal to hopefully make something pretty.



My only waterproof cost is way too hot so now I’ve overheated and I’m probably going to smell for the rest of the day.

On my way to hospital then I have a meeting this afternoon so I have mid-level dread about today.


Terrible nights sleep last night what’s going on


Not feeling well so staying at home/still in bed with the Prin

I need to defrost and clean out the freezer cause we have a new fridge freezer coming tomorrow


wee reminder that today is THE LAST DAY to enter the dis raffle i.e. the most important thing to happen on the internet in 2018. if you wanna be part of that, you have to pm @Flashinglight, and you will have to give a list of preferences for the prizes.

Now for the me part:

blah blah blah monday blah blah work blah blah courgette linguini for lunch blah


knackered m9s

i have so much coffee at work that i probably should start bringing it into work to drink but hmm

yeah this is probably a thing for the coffee wankers thread innit


Going to go join a gym to try to shift some holiday (and the rest) weight. Hopefully got a cute dog to walk. Need to do some serious life admin. Would quite like someone to bring me buttered toast in bed right now.