Monday morning and day all purpose thread

hiya. couldn’t sleep, so i’m here.

here’s something nice -


Morning Chorizo. Taking a walk up the river and through the marshes

and just passed a boat that’s clearly been named so the owner can say they’re on the


It’s been a while since I’ve seen an old Razz abandoned in woodland


Morning all, anyway. I’m back to work today :sleeping: :unamused: :tired_face:

On the positive side:

  • it’s still lovely and sunny outside
  • there’s no commute to contend with
  • I’ve bought myself a laptop stand and keyboard so my laptop screen is now at a sensible height on the desk, so hopefully my neck will be grateful for this
  • I had a scan through my emails last night and there was nothing horrendous awaiting me.

That’s a great find on Wiki, ProfK.

Particularly liked this bit



It is bullshit your work hadn’t already provided this. I have a 3M LX550 which is pretty good for this sort of thing. I use an MS Natural keyboard naturally.

Back to schoooooooool.

(Of course schools have actually been open throughout lockdown including school holidays)


Day off. No plans except to stay cool which is already proving difficult.

Good luck Slickers, and @fappable, @gonad and anyone else in the same boat.


Technically speaking, I could have asked to borrow a monitor / docking station from them, but I borrow my daughter’s desk as a workstation and I didn’t really want to leave a load of kit on her desk each night.

In other positive news, I just managed to type ‘CBA’ as part of a work email. Minor victories, Theo, minor victories.


Had the worst weirdest nightmare/anxiety dream…don’t even want to have to remember it or explain it was so dodgy and weird. Fucking brain.

Thanks :nauseated_face: :sob:


My Dad would loiter around whenever we had workman in, I think he just wanted to learn cos he was fairly handy at the old DIY but I found it really embarrassing, for some reason.

First day back in work since September, bit weird. Officially a permanent home worker too.
Gonna kick up a right stink this when people find out as I’m back from sabbatical and nearly everyone else is furloughed.

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Sainsbos have been. No fucking salted peanuts in the entire shop? Bollocks.

Nothing to report. Best of luck to all those back at school today. Heroes :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:

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Trying to get a ticket!! For a pick your own farm :laughing: but it’ll be amazing, I love picking fruit (at my own leisure, not as Charles’s slave)


Morning you absolute beauties. Had an oo sleep when I finally fell off at about 3am.

Gonna have a lovely shower and make myself some comforting toast and coffee as this week I’m going to be nice to myself.

Godspeed all those going in to work xxxxx

Ran, coffeed, toasted. Now work.

This months calendar picture from walking Peru :peru: :llama:


oh my god HOW IS IT JUNE jfc