Monday morning and that

Morning folks,

Another :sunny: day down here, not sure if it’ll last though. Not so much dread today as it’s not been a bad week so far and I should have a nice low key working day in store and then I think we’ll do a big shop later. Tell me your Monday tales…

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Hey MF

What a shitty night. My partner had D&V overnight, so pretty restless and sleepy. Got to sort out a new tyre on the car and pay for it using magic I suppose. Fuck off Monday

C :honeybee: A m :eight:


Pick me up a prawn ring please


Some of us are tired and not going to Iceland on Wednesday.


That sounds really shit pal, hope things improve!

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Morning Marty, everyone else.

I had a lovely, if tiring, weekend - including a day out with my oldest friends at this place:

This morning I have my weekly blood test. The medicine that I’m on can cause kidney and liver failure, so I require constant monitoring. Happy days.

Have a great week all.


Not in the prawn ring trade, no

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If magic doesn’t happen, consider Rainy Day.


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If it’s the same as my partner (methotrexate?) they decreased the frequency of the monitoring once they realised kidney and liver function was stable. Although she learned the hard way that taking paracetamol a few days before a blood test made them freak the fuck out because her liver function looked way off…

I need to have two incredibly shitty conversations with members of my team today which I’m absolutely dreading. Also have to tell my horrible new boss that there’s absolutely no fucking way I can do a big bit of strategic work in two weeks which I’m sure will go down like a sack of shit. I think I’m starting to really hate my job.

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Feel dreadful after a BBR yesterday. The wind was cold and I hadn’t dressed properly for it. Gonna be totally useless today. Great.

Hardly slept at all last night and feel like dogshit as a result. Plus worrying about some life stuff

Thank god I can WFH today

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Mine is mercaptopurine, but looking online it basically reads like it’s very similar to methotrexate. The blood tests are due to become less frequent after week 8.

Noted! Thanks.

Stressing because this interview is tomorrow, and even though I’ve had a week to prepare, I haven’t.

I have tonight, and only tonight.

Oh no


Had a dream that i pissed myself in front of one of my colleagues. Monday can do one.


What do you need to bring them? A presentation or just a portfolio of those big bits of paper you arty types use?

Portfolio that shows how I get to the end result ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Mine doesn’t do that so I’m not overly optimistic. Also relevant work, which could be an issue.