Monday morning and that

Just put my ticket in the bin rather than my receipt then had to fish it out while an old woman looked on disapprovingly. I don’t think my explanation of ‘TICKET!’ while holding it up at her really explained all that much #monday


Has a tunnel.

Does Hertfordshire even have a London? Maybe Hertford is the London of Hertfordshire.

Bishop’s Stortford is the Stamford of Hertfordshire; not sure about the rest

Will be keeping my eyes peeled for the legendary hat in a field.

It’s a day. I think my daughter finally stopped being grumpy at me for whatever reason she had this morning so that’s good. Now she’s asleep we’ll probably watch Queer Eye

One year ago I started this thread :grinning:


Take care eh. Hope that you feel better soon.

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Thanks mate. 'preciated.

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Oh yeah. That bloody hurt!

Thought my training had finally come to an end and was twiddling my thumbs wondering what to do but now I’ve been assigned to another project and have 30 new trainings to do :woman_facepalming: #pleasemakeitend

Morning Marty, All,

I have a distinct lack of enthusiasm for any of this today. Haven’t even sent the quick weekly report I always send out before 9 every Monday. Oh good! and now I’ve got to fix something really fiddly. Pretty much just waiting until I can eat cuzza round 2.

Anyone able to find that thread about 2019 dis meats? Can’t seem to find it

The dreaded springtime cold has hit hard, feeling well sorry for myself. Also haven’t got my mum any bday presents yet, so while I’ve got a good list of options I’ve gotta run around getting it all done this afternoon as it’s my last chance. UGH.

Also spent way too much over the weekend, my new job earnings seem to be disappearing faster and faster … so I should definitely be tempted to get an SG right? :man_facepalming:


Confirmed DiS Meats in 2019 🍻 - ?

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Can’t believe it’s only been a year. In that thread I’m all, “I might have something worth releasing eventually I guess” and 12 months later I spent a chunk of my weekend working on a second album and a track for a split release. It’s been a hell of a year.


I’m also sick again, this is like the fourth time this year, no idea what has happened to my body but its just decided to give up. Gwsjb

At our London office today. Staying in a hotel near Parliament, hoping the Brexit circus is out in part at least.

Going to see Under the Silver Lake tonight, looking forward to it despite (or maybe because of) the reviews.

Not once in all the years of having to get up at 6.30am for work have I ever naturally woken up at that time. Except for today, when I have a day off. I’m still irked about this now.

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I find I’m swayed more by reviews than ever before lately. Several films that have been out in the last month or so that I might have seen in years past but this time I’ve looked at the consenus and gone … nah, I’m good.

I need to print out and laminate some pictures of flags to label the wine shelves. Reckon I can make it last til lunchtime?