Monday Morning Boredom 11th April

Morning all!

I hope you’re all well.

No plans today as I’m still trapped inside but Wor Lass and The Child might be allowed out.

I’m making tofu and noodles for tea so that’s good.

I hope your days are more eventful.


On the way into the office. No hat, gloves otlr scarf so feel half dressed and keep thinking I’ve forgotten something.

Cold seems to finally be on the mend.


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Work work work

Off to the Black Mountains for a few days later this morning. So looking forward to a break, even a small one, and hoping to pick up some good points for the spring challenge

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Off sick today. Confined to the house. Would like the pretend I’m in Rear Window but with birds instead of murder, but the garden isn’t very attractive to birds atm. Do another covid test in a min. Fancy cacio e pepe for tea after seeing it on that Stanley Tucci thing last week.

Team also taking the day off sick.

Got to get M to some theatre camp first though.

The cat is being really weird and he stinks of fox poo.

Another day another dollar, my fine compatriots. Going cinema tonight though so that’s something to look forward to.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed recently about having a huge to-do list that’s also quite nebulous so just about to write it all down in the hopes that action eases my anxiety.

Oh I’m meeting someone at Trove today. Yes! Cardomom bun get in my face!

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More work!


The best team

coughs and sneezes


It’s Monday alright

No work!

Trash TV this morning

Walk later

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Last week where i can wfh every day , so gonna slack to the max.

Quiz this eve

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Feel a bit less gruesome this morning but the cough is starting.

Good morning!

Definitely going to collect my new bike today.

That is all really.

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What colour??

8.30 monday morning meetings should be illegal


It’s like a dark blue-green. That is until it gets covered in mud because I can never be bothered to clean them.

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