Monday morning - get back to work, plebs

back at my stupid job, emails in the triple figures, cba

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:+1: it’s the penultimate week of teaching before the semester ends.

:-1: I lost an hour’s work this morning by accidentally closing Chrome.


Pro tip: if you leave so many of your emails unread you’ll never know how many new ones you have. I currently have 2502 unread emails.


Wake me up when


Well now that’s Green Day in my head all day then.

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You’re welcome!

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I unfortunately have an annoying need to keep it at 0 at all times so I’d be a bit like this


Cor, what a day for DiSers!

Mine’s been annoying so far: missed the bus so had to walk for 20 mins to go another route. Forgot my pass so had to go the long way round. Lack of work pass meant my coffee & cookie had no staff discount and cost about £1000 :tired_face:

HOWEVER, they are v tasty and hopefully I will be hanging out with a dear pal tonight before going home to cuddle Misty :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Going out for udon noodles with a pal later. Not sure I like udon noodles :grimacing: I love pasta/noodles generally but iirc I had them in the past and the texture icked me out a bit…
Oh well, I will definitely enjoy the custard and chocolate dorayaki anyway :slight_smile:

New washing machine arrived today and we’ve started taking apart the ugly old sofa as it’s being picked up by the council on Thursday :partying_face:

Having probably the dullest day since records began. Got a leftover garlic & chilli roast chicken sandwich and a big pork pie for lunch though so that’s something I guess.


Went for salad for lunch when the weather is definitely not saying salad :cold_face:

Yeah had today earmarked as the start of shorts season but that hasn’t happened :frowning_face:

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Just waiting to go into therapy. It’s lovely and sunny out and work hasn’t been stressy yet

Really need a wee.


Genuinely getting items together for a band photoshoot in which my overall vibe will be ‘ancient Egyptian priest but cyber’

Really pleased to be letting go of being sensible

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Udon are top tier noodles in my opinion.

You’re entitled to disagree though.

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I’ve wanted a bacon and black pudding roll for about 5 days, so I’ve had one for lunch today

Gonna have a bath because I’m covered in mud after my bike

I hope I’m wrong. They look yummy. Maybe they were just not cooked right last time I had them idk

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Which treat did the train shop announcer just describe as “a good old fashioned _____”

  • Bakewell tart
  • Scone
  • Chocolate brownie
  • Flapjack

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I reckon this is a trick question and it’s the answer you wouldn’t expect

gone from shirt back to jumper ffs

come back sun