Monday morning - in association with Joshua

woman over the road is getting pissed off with young Joshua.

saying shit like - ‘go toilet, Joshua’ and ‘if you don’t go toilet, you go bed’

poor Joshua. no real hope for that kid, is there?

bit rainy down here. feels like the first day of autumn. damn!

what you up to friends?

Morning silks. Pre-work training session down the climbing wall. Enter the Wu-Tang on the headphones for motivation. Life is good.

bring the mother fucking rockus

morning dude

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Wish me luck!

Classic potty training nightmare, tbf.

I think the blend of psychological warefare required to get kids to behave is really wearing and makes me doubt myself a lot.

think you’re missing the point, bud.

it was the lack of ‘to the’ and ‘to’ that I wanted to highlight.


Here’s me, posting before I even go to work now.


I have nothing of interest to say.


Good luck!

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put this new stuff on my hair this morning. hair dust, or something. it has the consistency of talcum powder. you just rub it into your hands and then into hair.

feels nice. good hold with a bit of bounce.

Morning all

Not got much to report. Slept for about eight and a half hours solid last night and am in a bit of a fug right now.

Saw thewarn this morning. (Recent haircut, warny?)

I’m WFH, watching a double bill of frasier before i even think about doing any work.

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Feel rubbish. Forgot about a seminar I’m going to after work so will be here until 7pm, meaning a late tea and probably no run tonight.

WFH too ^5

I need to go to the pharmacy.

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is it hometime yet ffs


in other news, had a really stressful friday night / saturday trying to fix my bike, and then led a ride with my bike club yesterday which was awesome. loved it.

not got a lot planned this week.

Morning all. Tired. Work then Wrath of Khan at the PCC tonight :vulcan:

gurd marnin
tired and achey, been at work since 5. But just whupped those car insurance twats into a more reasonable deal, which is satisfying. Also have marmalade on toast to chomp on. Got some Brechtian fun lined up seeing Threepenny Opera with that Rory Kinnear later.

Oh okay, but well spoken English is a privilege. It’s actually part of a number of methods that the ruling classes use to oppress the poor. Maybe English is a second language in which case the child will pick up much better English from living hear and understand the implicit rules of grammar just from living.

Plenty of people with great English skills grew up with parents with poor English. I reckon the kid will be fine, don’t worry.



Did far too much this weekend, including a mate’s 30th on Saturday. Crashingly hungover yesterday, haven’t been through that for a while.