Monday morning thread of yawns



Well, I am up way earlier than I normally am. On my way to the airport for my very favourite film festival though (in Tromsø, super far north) so it’s for a good cause. Staying all week, back Sunday evening. Best start to every new year <3

How are you, pals? Anything good on this week?


Hey WR, I’m still not in bed over in the US. Got 8 hours of loooooovely sleep ahead of me.



Did boring work most of the weekend. Also had problems getting taken seriously in my fledgling international DJ career.

Another heavy work week, which sucks. On the plus side the deadline that’s been causing it is this week, so it’ll be over soon. On the downside, I’ll need to spend next week catching up on everything I’ve been ignoring to do this. Woo.

Penoid card game tournament in the pub tonight. I’m not going. Too busy. My own priorities disgust me.



Hope you and your new tattoo have a great time, WR


Got myself one of those haircuts.

Don’t wanna wash my hair cos this product that the lady put in it smells so good.

Will though, don’t worry.


My earphones are an absolute mess


Oh my god why






Pretty tired, stayed up too late watching The Sopranos last night. Oh well, bring on this week!


up too early as well, frasier’s not even on for another hour! got a job interview for a job i don’t want tonight. pretty sure the company has suggested that i wear their company colours to the interview?! i should mug it off, shouldn’t i…


The alarm where I’m housesitting keeps going off, until last night turning off the fuse box then turning it all back on again was stopping it for a while but now it won’t stop and has been going off all night, so I feel like crap - probably all the neighbours do too :confused:

Since turning off the fuses though their computer, which they use to watch TV and listen to music through some elaborate set up, has stopped working saying there’s no boot drive.

The baby is being a total whingebag too so basically fuck today already.


Morning WR et al

Got back last night from a weekend away in a Peak District cottage with the in-laws. Had a really nice walk in the snow/melting snow on Friday and Saturday then went for a shite walk trudging in the pissing rain and mud on the Sunday even though there was a nice pub opposite the cottage and a dubious selection of DVDs inside the cottage. I like hiking and all but this was a particularly British bit of misery and masochism.

Anyway, back to Monday dread!



oh ffs


Morning all!

Today’s going to be one of those days where nobody can be arsed, isn’t it? Already struggling and I don’t start for half an hour.


Today’s celestial body cross-section is: Ganymede, the largest of Jupiter’s moons, and the largest in our solar system. It’s the only known satellite to have its own magnetic field.


I didn’t know that Warny had the job of classifying ice.


Morning WR… I’ve got very little planned between now and the end of the week other than work. :meat_on_bone: :spades: :skull:

On the plus side, I’ve ended up wearing the novelty socks that my nephew got me for Christmas:


now i’m just ragin at my wee nephew for not getting me these socks for christmas