Monday Morning thread then?

Off work today. Still in bed.

gotta ring my dentist shortly :frowning:

WFH. So tired. Was wide awake by 7 both days this weekend for no reason and felt terrible at the same time this morning. And it’s raining.


Been gym. Chest day innit. Now eating a bounce protein ball (coconut and macadamia) to aid gains.

Gotta leave in 30mins to pick my little sister up and drive her to Heathrow. Cba, but got the rest of the day off after :pray::pray::pray:

Went to Lowther Castle. Quality ruins of a big old house that looks like a castle and the most fucking amazing kids play park I’ve ever seen.

The castle reminded me of a Quake level.


If Monday’s aren’t bad enough mines been made worse by @keith mean joke! Bloody geordies! :wink:
Had an absolute pish nights sleep, lots of coffee is needed/wanted.
I’ve got a pretty fucking busy week ahead.

Stayed up too late. Awake too early. Loads of moving house related stuff to do today. Work at 5. Blurgh.

Called in sick. Desperately need some Immodium :neutral_face:

This being ill thing is shit, when will it end ffs

Nah, better out than in.

gws pn

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Took the hit of working on Saturday to make this week more manageable, work-wise, which I’m now really grateful to past Epimer for. Love that guy.

Pubrunner tonight, where I’m going to spend the entire time bragging about how well I did yesterday at a regional tournament for a different* game.

* much easier

I’ve barely slept and I got dog shit on my hand this morning. Fuck you all.

I’m a comedy edge lord - don’t blame me if you’re too vanilla for my jokes.

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yes! Don’t have to see the dentist until Thursday which means I can put off worrying about it until at least Wednesday morning :smiley:

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Morning, here’s my to-do list:

  • drink coffee
  • run
  • call tfl
  • post records
  • go to library
  • go to HSBC
  • mix notes
  • email moira
  • band practice
  • eat burritos
  • go to bed

anything i’ve forgotten?

paint some miniatures?



  • post great thread

those things are way more expensive than i thought

Fuck Monday.

Morning all!

Just paid someone to sell my flat. They’re taking photographs this afternoon. In order to stop our flat looking messy, I have about £100 worth of booze in the back of my car.

Haven’t really planned any classes this week because of focusing on my interview tomorrow. My Monday classes have become lovely recently so I should be OK.