Monday Morning thread then?

decided i should stop drinking caffeine

now thinking this was a terrible decision


As has been alluded to elsewhere today marks the 28th year since I arrived in this all forsaken heck hole
I’ve had a nice weekend but as you can all imagine not a lot of sleep.


yeah but with increasing rental prices in city centres AND the huge rise in online fantasy gaming


In Wolverhampton. Weather’s atrocious and I really don’t want to be here. Urgh.

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think i could honestly much easier give up booze

You’re silly

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You’re paying someone in booze to clean the flat?

YES! My favourite DiS joke.

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morning all

had a nice, positive weekend where I did the things I wanted to do. then I had a shite night’s sleep last night, woke up grumpy as fuck and haven’t really cheered up much since.

off work next week though, so only 5 days to go… :calendar:

Awful morning. Had a dream I woke up at 9, then actually woke up at 7.20 which was fine. Then as I was making breakfast the electric ran out and it took me a few goes to get my card details right and then key in the bloody vend code. Operating without caffeine. Not a good day

Just abandoned a post about the office printer that was so dull that I bored myself.

You’re welcome.


Got back from Israel late last night, really done myself by not taking today off :expressionless:



Morning all. Fifteen minutes late for work. Not so shabby seeing as we stayed up until four watching ‘Game Of Thrones’. (I have never seen it.)

A lot of work to get through today, then we’re going out in town so I can buy my first ever pair of skinny jeans. Could be a life-changing day.

Trying to do admin but failing miserably. I think I lack the concentration/motivation part of my brain.

Got to cook loads of food tonight before it all goes to mush in the fridge.

Whats up niks? Don’t take immodium unless you HAVE to go out. You’re best letting whatever it is pass through.

If you can stomach it, try to eat a banana or two. They’re binding and will help. also HYDRATE.

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That looks flipping class.

Ooft get well soon chief. This something you picked up with/off the bike wankers?

At least you didn’t oversleep and shit on a dog’s hand.

Are you napping during the day?

I found I was ok in SF but it walloped me for about a week or so into the trip. I was exhausted every day.