Monday Morning Thread


What’s new? Making too many morning threads recently :grimacing::alien:


Do not want


Noshing down on a sub-par cooked breakfast at Heathrow Premier Inn. Off to San Francisco for counts on fingers two nights for a ‘super important’ last-minute company strategy workshop. On the one hand it’s an ego boost to be flown all that way for my contributions to a half-day workshop. On the other, much more important hand, it’s 20 hours of flying in three days and all in economy.


Cba. Opting to get two hours of buses to this ruddy job interview rather than head into town and get a train. Smashing some coffee and a bagel first tho.


Had another night of anxiety-riddled sleep but really trying not to dwell on it. Going to have a positive attitude and get shit done. Feeling remarkably fine after last nights Guinnessathon.


Completely slept through my alarm this morning. My wife had to pretty much shake me awake, which really isn’t like me as I usually wake up at the slightest sound. Completely exhausted, but off for a few days from Wednesday. Woo!

Got my work probation meeting this morning (fingers crossed) then meeting one of my team to talk investment strategy. Exciting times you guys.


Forgot how fucking cold my head would be with a stupid grade 1. Need more hats.


Better have a pint with that breakfast man.


Just got shouted at by a drunk man when I was putting the bins out. Probably an omen for the week tbh


That’s a hell of a long way for a short couple of jet-lagged meetings. You have my sympathy.


Even more baller than that, I am writing some fucking SQL :sunglasses:


God, and I think it’s bad when the tv goes for four nights


Take it to the JIRA thread.


Train back to London at 9.50am, then straight to work.



Monday Monday

Got a call at 09:30 so I’m trying my hardest to be vaguely on time today. The tv was up puking in the night, I think he has flu, which bodes well for my own health (not). Maybe I’ll use it as an excuse to work from home for the rest of the week? Essentially can’t really be bothered with today but I’ll give it a bash until 11am i think.


Where bounce are you?




Can never remember if that’s up north or in Essex.


North isn’t it



On the tram. A couple of seats over there’s a couple of cling film wrapped, cheese sandwiches. Someone’s going to be irked at lunch time.