Monday Morning thread

Morning everyone. My day is not going great at work it has to be said. I’d hoped my server would all be sorted by now but it’s not.

Been reading this on and off

The sort of thing @Saps would like assuming he still comes on here.

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Alright Theo

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On my way to the airport

Need the loo

Alright @Epimer


I played badminton yesterday and as a result, my wrist/hand feels insanely weak! Can’t even pick up a glass without feeling like it’s too heavy and I may drop it. Is this normal?

Not the last time I played badminton*

* which is about the only sport involving hand-eye coordination I can participate in thanks to the slowness of the shuttlecock.**

** cock! HURRR.

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Tried to have a wholesome weekend, ran a 10k Sat, went for a bike ride to the lake 10k and bike on Sunday and was gonna just go for a nice swim and relax. Then ended up out from 5-1:30 on the Saturday and decided to try out the waterskiing line on the lake on the Sunday and fell off again and again.

Feel like I’ve been beaten up, bruises and muscle aches galore.


Your weekend sounds excessively tiring.

Yeah, fell asleep at 9:30 last night in my clothes and woke up not long before my alarm was due to go off. Was necessary.


So just to get this right: you ran 10K, biked 10K then had a LARGE night out before getting up and biking to a lake where you opted to waterski for ages? It sounds like you’re lucky to be a alive, TBH :smiley:

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Yeah, hindsight is a beautiful thing.

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Why is it Monday?

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I played pretty hard
I’m just assuming it’s cause I don’t flick my wrist regularly like that is why it’s hurting

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Forgot that our systems were down in Friday. No word regarding their current status. Really don’t wanna go in if it’s still down. For fucks sake.

Massive, overwhelming cba this morning. Drank too much wine at my parents’ house last night. Probably got loads of work to do today as well. Fuck off Monday/Thursday.

Our systems were down when I left on Wednesday evening. No idea if they’re back either so I’m in the same boat as you. CBA going in.

Morning. I’m picking up my niece from nursery later. At least, I assume so, because my family did their standard communication thing of telling me where her nursery is, where the parking is, how to convince the staff that I’m not a nonce etc without at any point saying “can you pick up your niece from nursery at x o’clock tomorrow and take her to her gran’s house?”

Only plans for before then are to make a massive breakfast roll.


Morning all

I am well sore today - I took part in a 12hour MTB race as part of a team on Saturday (so taking it in turns to do laps, I didn’t ride for the whole 12 hours (although I have done this)). I crashed hard on it 1st lap, but kept going like a ruddy hero cos I’m all about the team. Have a huuuuuge dark bruise on my side now. Plus I still have loads of camping stuff to sort out etc.

1st ever proper podium place though so pretty chuffed with that.