Monday Morning Thread

I’m never ever awake in time to make one of these so this is a special occasion for me. I’m at Manchester airport having flown already from Glasgow, and I’ve got a bacon and egg bagel and a hot chocolate on its way.

I’ve got two hours to wait so tell me what you’re up to folks.


Congratulations on your morning thread laelfy :+1:
I’ve got a busy wee day ahead, lots of meetings and a new start starting.
First of all a coffee is needed.

How you gonna pass your couple of hours?

By eating food and posting on dis. No change :grinning:.


Am sat at the back of the bus with no windows open, but am too sick to get up and open them.
Dragging myself into work ill because I was off Thur Fri and then felt fine Sat Sun and then suddenly terrible again, but can’t be off really, well,I could but I was totally fine weekend and idkwhatimonabouthelpmeimsick

Morning Laefers! Pretty jealous of you jetting off to start your adventures, hope you have an amazing time!
I’m just about to leave for work, prepared for another day of nearly sweating to death and inflating things with the air compressor, cause that’s my life now!

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Walk in, throw up on your desk, get sent home :+1:. Hope you feel better soon :crossed_fingers:

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Only 3 more days of having housemates so that’s something

Feeling marginally better about work today. Not sure how long that feeling will last…

Oh and if anyone wants to follow my adventures on Instagram I’m: fyf3y

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I’m unemployed so today’s my Saturday.



I would like to say this post was brought to you by a Kallgeese after an all night session but I was actually putting together Ikea furniture until half-eleven last night after spending two days painting and moving furniture. I have to go to my house today to pack up all my stuff. Fuck moving house.


Moving is such a fucking pain. God speed Geesy :+1:

Meant to be playing 3 (three) games of five a side followed by an 11-a-side match tonight and my ankles still a bit not good :upside_down_face:

I think that a week of over-indulgence has caught up with me. I feel dreadful this morning. The thought of having to catch up on seven days worth of emails and calls ain’t helping.

Best of luck with your travels @laelfy - hope that you have a phenomenal time.

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@allnerve happy now?

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In an okay mood considering both my relationship and Barry Chuckle died yesterday.

Still sweltering here- 31, 33, 33, 35 the next four days, so thankful for my air-conditioned office.

Have fun @laelfy!

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Lots and lots of dread. Lots. And lots.

Fallout from yesterday’s argument means things are still pretty unbearable. I also have to go to my anxiety management group which I am not looking forward to because I will probably break down in it and I don’t want to ruin it for the other people there. At least it gets me away from other people for a couple of hours.

Happy adventures @laelfy

Sorry for your breakup @AQOS, also I hope you don’t melt in the heat.

GWS @anon82218317 and @Im_On_Safari and @aggpass’s ankle anyone else under the weather.

GL moving @Kallgeese

Happy Monday @everyoneelse.



List of things to do today:

  1. purchase futon
  2. decide where to go on holiday
  3. sort out mini break to see @rich-t (+ mrs rich-t + baby rich-t)

Also probably need to do some work.

Best wishes to everyone, especially @AQOS :heart: