Monday Morning Thread


Howdy! I’m in a bar called the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar in deepest darkest Wyoming which is exactly like you’d imagine it. By the time you lot wake up I’ll probably be asleep and then have not internet again for ages so tell me about your forthcoming day and I’ll read about it later in the week. :beers:


Sounds cool. Have a great time.


I’m on the overground train to work. I’ll start to work on my CV so that I can finally get out of my current job.

I’m meeting an ex-workmate for our fortnightly moan about work and the world later tonight. That’ll be the only highlight for me.

Have a great day everyone.


Eating breakfast, granola and yogurt for those interested.

Work today, stone soup and place value with yoga in the afternoon. Solid Monday really…


Evening leafy, morning the rest,

Currently in the Best Airport In The Region (Stansted) :airplane:


Morning folks! Got a pretty dull Monday ahead at work, but got leftover BBBQ meat for lunch so that’s something. Going to apply for a job as a rep/brand manager/office person for a fancy rum company later, I already know the boss through my current job so hoping that might open the door for an interview at least.


Finished at 10 last night. Back in for now. I’m tired. Day off tomorrow. Gotta get through today. Managed to get a goldflakepaint journal (payday treat) so I’m feeling quietly confident about today


:sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping:


Place value for this week and next week and possibly the week after that!


gl rt! :hearts:


In to work at 8, probably leaving at 7. Don’t even think I’ll have time for shit threads


don’t say such things


we’re going to go and look at a big cathedral today i think. breakfast first, though.

any breakfast you like, so long as it’s eggs


Very decent weekend. Played at the Symphony Hall, got a decent result, caught up with lots of friends, and spent yesterday doing absolutely piss all with my gf. Fantastic.

Today I’ve woken up with my arm hurting and I’m cold. Kickstarter campaign is at £392, so only £108 and I need to start making the book. If anyone else wants to back it, that’d be just lovely…


Nope, not a good start to today.


Some pricks have decided to start roadworks just as the schools go back. Just spent 45 mins in traffic doing a 3 mile round trip to take the TV to the station.


Sleeping on an airbed at the moment. Gonna have to spend some time loosening up.

Off today because I thought I might need to be in if furniture was being delivered. But i haven’t y’know ordered any furniture.

Gonna unpack some more and make lists of things I need. Kettle is top of the list.

Also, need to go into town to drop off old flat keys.


Morning all!

Probably haven’t planned enough for Higher English and I wish I knew enough about NFL to really understand that thread.


All my knowledge comes from Madden 98 and watching about 3 games a season.


I’m similar except I’ve never played Madden 98.