Monday Morning Thread


It’s Monday, it’s cold and I can’t be arsed/assed.

What’s happening?


Had a dream @andyvine was having a baby




Much more realistic than that whole Martin Luther King nonsense anyway.


Went climbing in the peak district yesterday. Perfect winter day really.

Today I will be writing SQL. Meh.


Alright mates? 3 weeks to go til Chrimbus, we can do this.

Off to see Blue Velvet tonight. Wrote an essay on it at Uni so I’ll be reciting this in the pub afterwards if anyone wants to join me?


Did it grow up to be a hipster?


Had an ace weekend but spent all of yesterday hiding from the world due to clubbing till 8am.

Got a fun week planned and then a week in Gran Canria from Saturday so good stuff.

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Good morning



Friday I was too hungover to get my car fixed, which was most of the reason I booked the day off. Well done, me.

Saturday I went to Norwich and won a higher tier of nerdy card game tournament than I ever have before. Got a plaque and everything.

Sunday I played a penoid board game simulating the early stages of the Peloponnesian War through the medium of moving small wooden cubes around with 'er indoors, and gloated about Saturday.

Today I am inexplicably woozy and have a lot of work to do.


checks time on the right hand corner of the taskbar on my PC


puts on robe and wizard hat


I’m off today.
I’m feeling a tad rough today.
The lemon twigs were fucking great fun last night.
She’s making coffee now.
But she is talking an awful lot.
I can’t wait for her to go to work.


Things I have done in my first hour of work:

  • answered one work phone call
  • made myself a cup of tea
  • traced over a pencil drawing with black pen
  • took a picture of said photo and uploaded as my DiS profile pic
  • abandoned many replies on here.


There is a spooky/creepy fog all about Glasgow today. Cant actually see out the window. I would be scared and worried of potentially being spooked out my skin but too tired to really give a damn about literally being haunted to death.


Have a lot to do today so naturally I’m still in bed.


Beware of Glasghosts :ghost:


they’re playing christmas music in the office


Children playing, havin’ fun