Monday morning

Hello everyone! My office is almost completely empty as everyone is on holiday. I have still managed to have a conversation with one of my annoying colleagues that makes me want to put my face through a window.

I had a nice weekend though, probably an 8/10. Found a really nice walk from my house that I didn’t know was there before, ate a steak sandwich, drank too much beer. Lots of work on this week though, and I am a bit broke.

HBU? Good weekend? Good week ahead?

Job interview, flying to Berlin tomorrow! There for less than 2 days, then heading to Fluff Fest.


Fluff fest! So jealous.


no work today so going to finish fence painting, try and get a gardener who can come and sort out our mess of a garden and then off to the kids piano concert this evening.

might go down and see if there is a second hand wedding ting in the antique shops in town as still haven’t found mine and can see people being suspicious when I am a Mrs with no ring, but not liking to ask about my ‘situation’

I’ve been every year for the past 5, think I should do something different next year.

Hiya ssf :wave: hiya DiS,

Drinking tea, eating toast, watching Frasier.

The terror, the horror!! The sacrificial ritual I went to last night was excellent. My ears feel very fluffy though even though I wore earplugs :grimacing:


Morning ssf, sounds like a top weekend. Mine was similarly pretty deece, went to the pub with some pals on Saturday and then headed to Mildred’s for dinner.

Ended my weekend having a wee hazy, half-cut dance to Bonobo at Citadel. Getting free tickets meant the pressure to whip around Vic Park and see loads of shit was off so treated the festival like a gig pretty much.

You could show the below photo to anyone and they’d say ‘oh sweet, how were Sunn O)))?’



Past Epimer dicked me over last week by doing basically no work and now I’m impossibly busy.



Feel like total shit so have called in sick :face_with_thermometer: :pensive:

I really like the bottom photo.

The photo on the bottom, not of the bottom.

Morning dis,

Got through to Edinburgh in good time, resisting the temptation of coffee.

Went to bed a 9pm so feel great. Though probably won’t feel so great when I get the result of last week’s mock exam. Have to have a 1-2-1 too, blahhh.

I’ve DMed you a photo of the bottom just to be sure.

I really should have gone to bed at 9pm. I did not, and now I am really tired.

Ooft! What’s up chief?

Made focaccia yesterday. Turned out great.

Also roasted a big free range chicken. Turned out great.

Happy monday everyone.




morning. half of glasgow is off today. not me though.

granola and mango yoghurt.

Morning. Feel quite refreshed after a decent sleep for once. Coffee and fried eggs on toast is a good start to the day/week too.

Tons of work to do now, but ho hum.

Off to Amsterdam for 3 days for work. CBA TBH. Too many meetings.