Monday morning


No work today so gonna ‘hit’ the gym and then start the tedious process of hunting for a new flat. Nowt else going on and that’s kinda nice.

But it’s just the same ph… oh.

I see :no_mouth:

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Just had a brief trawl through some clickbait, and I think this might be the worst non-story I’ve ever seen.

Read the headline, then read the ‘content’, then watch the video. Seriously?

Morning all!

Was hoping to either go to John Lewis or Costco today but I think the half of Glasgow that’s off work might beat me to it.

That does look like a pointless shock.

Just had this lovely suggested post pop up on my fb feed. world is shit, burn everything.

happy Monday btw.

Just had 2 bowls of cereal at my desk. Good start to the week.

I mean, aside from the more obvious problems with this ad, what the hell does ‘Attain Abundance With Women’ mean?


Yeah, so I was off work last week.
Came into the office today ONLY TO FIND OUT IT’S A BANK HOLIDAY IN GLASGOW! Sat here with a few other wallopers who also forgot/are workaholics.
I fully expect that my DiS production levels will be higher than normal.

Happy (Glasgow Bank) holiday Monday everyone in the team.

You never had an abundance with a woman?

It’s quite something.

Maybe ‘a bun dance’ is what the kids call it these days?


had a great weekend, slept loads last night too - shattered

at work. loads to do. cba, but i always say that.

new waxahatchee is dope

I had a not so great weekend. Suffering from insomnia again and I’ve had an awful cold and a huge mouth ulcer which means I can barely eat anything cause it’s causing me so much pain and I saw my family on Saturday night and they just spent ages (like relentlessly) taking the piss out of me in front of my bf and it’s really pissed me off even still.

I am just in one of those moods where I really want to be left alone.

Got really anxious and upset at my work BBQ on Friday.
Saturday I was in Grantchester with work mates, had food and general chill out. I wasn’t drinking, which was probably a good thing. Really nice and peaceful day to make up for Friday.
Sunday - did nothing, wrote a review, caught up on Fargo and went to see Baby Driver, which was really good.

quality women

mouth ulcers are sooo aggravating

My favourite brand of women.


I always notice this phrase in this kind of thing.

Hello Stephen. I see you have brought your quality woman.