Monday morning


Especially when you have a huge mouth.


Honestly I can barely eat at the moment :cry:


Hope you are feeling better now shucks.


that makes it 10 times worse too


Saw Tinariwen at the Walthamstow Garden Party, they were ace - even though they were performing under the blackest cloud I’ve ever seen:


Got wasted 5 nights in a row from Wednesday to Saturday and its really taken it out of me.

Started to get dreams about splinters of my teeth breaking away and when I wake up I keep checking my mouth to make sure its not actually happening. I’m aware of the exceptionally boring nature of dreams, but its common knowledge this is about stress or something. Wank.

I’m also trying becoming vegetarian as I can’t deal with the guilt anymore. I never thought it worthwhile as the vegan/vegetarian divide is indistinguishable to me, but its got to be better than nothing. Probably try veganism in a month if I can cope.

I’ll make sure I keep you all up to date with my progress.


Guys, help! I just got a couple dresses through the post. I love them but the website only did dresses in one size (!!!) and they’re meant to be loose fit… which is great, they are SO comfy! But I can’t shake the feeling I look a little bit like -

I don’t know whether to keep them… one of them looks grand but the second one I just don’t know if I look a bit ridiculous or not. I’m not sure what I’m expecting you guys to do about it because I’m not willing to show you me in them. Haha. But yeah… there we go. Exciting times in the Witches household.


From what ive learned from the wife, youre supposed to snapchat you wearing it to your bezzies and take the consensus (unless they disagree with you)


Haha! Well, I’ve decided I’m just going to keep it and welcome the slagging because I LOVE IT. I can already predict one of my guy friends is going to take one look at me and say something like…

“well, that’s very… baggy” or “AHOY THERE” (It’s also a sailor style dress :joy:)


Classic one of your guy friends.


This is exactly what my bf says I look like in my Monki kimono dress

I obviously told him to fuck off and don’t use simpsons references around me

p.s.pls show me the dresses!


is there a more attractive bottle of water out there than this


Cheers, I’m not sure how I feel at the moment really. Hardly said a word to anyone today.


Off today due to it being fair holiday in Glasgow.
Think I’ll go play some golf, might even put the shorts on although I probably won’t.

Weekend was good, stag was great, my pals managed to organise the stags favourite Glasgow band to reform to play a one off gig, he was overt he fucking moon and they were great :grinning:


the one with the pink lid though


yeaaah, he always comments on something. “Those trousers are very high” :roll_eyes: “you’re wearing a LOT of stripes” yes yes, I look like a prick, let’s move on.

@meowington Oo! I love monki! Lemme seeee.

ahem… this is it, if you hate it don’t tell me. haha!! :grimacing:

It really does look like a homer tent dress… but imagine all the pizzas I can eat in it!! (and hide in those pockets).


I’m going to wash my seat belt. YouTube says the neck grease might have stopped it from winding up



I’m on a tea break, so you can talk to me for 10 minutes if you like


4 cups of coffee this morning and still :sleeping:


keep the dress and eat loads until it fits

win win