Monday morning


Did a decent stint at the gym despite a ruinously heavy weekend, happy wi’ that. Gonna start looking up flats and then might do some creative bollocks ive not had time to do for months.


I’ve done that one before.


Haha, PLAN.


That’s a muumuu not a dress.


I am going to wear it to meet you this afternoon. I take no responsibility if it has a life of its own and decides to swallow you up, transporting you to another dimension where you will be beaten with sticks for all eternity by angry muumuu wearing women.


I have disabled my insta and facebook because I’ve realised I can’t keep being reminded of shit people every day and pretend that nothing happened, and they aren’t completely toxic, hypocritical bullies. I’m probably gonna lose a LOT of acquaintances but hopefully I’ll actually properly move on. I’M GONNA BE FREE!!! :sunglasses::v:


Wear it! I think the world would be a much better place if we all just wore what we wanted

That said I’m still wirking up the courage to wear a skirt i bought a while ago with big pink horses all over it even though i :heart: it


Aw! Lemme seeeeeee. I bet it’s very cool and it looks brilliant on you!


New Waxahatchee is so good. Four great albums, plus all those PS Eliot jams - hard to think of a better songwriter in the game right now.


My first Monday living in the UK in almost 2 years. Spending it at my parents house watching cricket and sorting out an abundance of spare room viewings in London for later in the week.


Won my division at a local grappling competition over the weekend, not going lie it was largely because of the rule set which was mostly centered around attacking and escaping but it still felt like a good way to finish up the first part of the competition season since I was planning to give competing a rest until September.

Today looks like it’s going to be an exercise in client appeasement :expressionless:


What’s yer plan while here? I’ll be moving into new flat mostly, ha


Btw I can’t remember if I shouted enough about it here but city of Caterpillar were absolutely phenomenal


Just opened this Vietnamese coffee and holy shit it’s good. The smell alone is incredible


Why aren’t you on holiday @stupidsexyflanders ? Everyone in Stockholm/Sweden is on holiday right now


look at this bedroom i saw on advert for a flat to rent :joy:


This is the first Monday in a long time where I’ve actually felt pretty good, despite work being a bit poo. Nice job Monday!

I’ve got this exhibition coming up so I’m meeting with my friend/collaborator later to talk about what we’re actually doing. I’ve never done an exhibition so I’m mildly shitting myself.


I got a project finishing at the beginning of September, so I can’t take the time off sadly.

It is insanely quiet at the moment. Are you on holiday?


Going to go hang with some Berlin lesbians the night I get there, walk round some parks on Wednesday and eat all the yummy veggie food.

Hope moving house goes OK.


sounds pretty perfect tbf :wink: