Monday morning


might be my bad memory but I always though the fair weekend was a bit later, like August? Is it always July? Never really made a difference to me as I’d usually be working anyway



technically, yes - but I’m sat at home alone spamming music journalists/blogs/zines in an attempt to get coverage of my LP while the rest of my family is out on a tiny island in the archipelago with aunts, uncles, cousins etc



ewww. My old place had one of those ‘live, laugh, love’ things on the living room wall. The ex-tenants were massive smokers and the walls were all stained, so when they took the lettering off the wall you could see where it had been.


grim. smoking inside is such a weird thing to do.


It is! I can’t believe the smoking ban is only 10 years old. I’m a social smoker but I’m so glad people don’t smoke in pubs or venues anymore.


this is almost as bad as the car down my road which has ‘powered by fairy dust’ stencilled on it


has @ruffers posted today? hope you’re okay, laddo


imagine liking snow patrol that much




Are you going out there later? At least the sun is out I suppose.


I’d have been more understanding if it had read “woah woah wo”


nah, they’re back tomorrow. I think we’re gonna go to Gotland on Wednesday for a few days. We’ve booked our proper holidays abroad in August so we’re just doing little trips cos the TV has freelance work she still needs to get done before then

bit boring really. Stockholm is dead right now and is at its absolute best in August & we’re gonna be away for most of it


Always July


So much this^


hey @ericthefourth his reminds me of an air b’n’b I stayed in recently in Inverness. It was in what I assume originally was a farm house, so it was pretty big, with one end having two spare rooms for guests, lovely hosts etc, but the landlady had fan-artwork of Peter Doherty EVERYWHERE. Just in case their was any doubt too, she had named her small child “Camden” :open_mouth:


probably drunk


fucking hell!!!


I know right? That poor kid


Ah that’s cool that it is its best in August. Gotland is on my list of places to head to as well!

I found i think my favourite walk so far, from my place (Globen) to Hornstull along the waterfront north of Årsta. So nice (lots of good looking places to swim too).