Monday morning


that should be a crime


did consider a call to childline


that’s a good walk but did you do the whole thing along the waterfront because there’s a really nice stretch of that where you can go up on the hill and walk through a bunch of really pretty ‘kolonilotter’ - kind of allotments but with tiny little old houses & stuff and great views. It’s called Dianelund

it’s the quaintest thing in the world

Also, when you get to Hornstull…do you go swimming at Långholmen? It’s great there - gets a bit busy but is really nice


I did the whole thing along the waterfront, but I’m definitely gonna investigate Dianelund. Looks cool!

I swam in Långholmen in May - it was so nice (although absolutely freezing). I like the smaller ‘beach’ the other side where you can swim with a view of City Hall.

I might try and swim in Sicklasjön next weekend…slowly working my way out of the city!


just where do people get the impression that sweden is some sort of blissful country to live?


yeah man, sickla strandbad is small but really nice

but there’s a much better spot to swim just about half a km from there in this really pretty villa area called Nysätra

it’s lovely


I know, right?


Oooooh thanks for the tip, that looks great!


Where did you think that your house was?


Never heard it called that before…


Gonna make a cuppa


it’s this one

i think it’s brilliant but other people around here dress so boringly


That is AMAZING you need to wear that at all times.


Late to this. This skirt is phenomenal and must be worn immediately.


Where is it from??


Cath kidston. I almost bought a bag in the same print but as i always use the same bag every day didn’t want a matching skirt/bag situation.

I will try to wear the skirt this week! Thanks guys


Please do, just because other people are boring doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t wear what you like! :smiley:

I know this would probably be a bit of a headache… but I’d love that as wallpaper too!! IMAGINE.


Haha i hadn’t thought of that. I’ve got another skirt from there with garden gnomes on it, that would make excellent wallpaper