Monday Morning

Autumn is here but Melbourne is still t shirt weather with a nice cool breeze.


The day is only twenty two minutes old

hence it is time to check what today’s addition to MUBI is

checked it now thanks

Hello friends,
I am currently writing the worst piece of academic work ever. I will finish it at 3 am or so, and then will sleep until 9 at which point I will be going to work. In work we will be busy and it will be sunny. I imagine I will die of heat exhaustion and bad mood by about 1, as well as whatever diseases I get from the birdshit that will be all over my workplace.

It has been nice knowing you all,

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On the plus side I’ve never listened to SAW2 before and it is absolutely great


bit early

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What is MUBI? That film thing online?

Good lucky, pb.

What is SAW2 btw? Or are you just running the film in the background?

today is still my sunday. I’m here:


Looks way cool. Where is that? Are you in LA at the observatory or something?

I was at the observatory today, but that’s from the getty museum


Selected ambient works ii :sweat_smile: I don’t like any horror films because I am a massive wuss. Might be able to claim extenuating circumstances though…

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Yeah I don’t really go for horror films but when I watch one I often find they’re better than I expect. Although I’m classing John Carpenter’s The Thing as a horror here so I’m probably just not the guy who likes horror.

But I did enjoy the original Saw film.

Just strolling into work. Another Bill Withers I’m going to miss out on.

Gotta meet my friend at the airport in a bit. Got the week off work but somehow still have a bit of dread

:frowning: Sorry about the dread, man.

Morning! This is my last full week at my current job that I’ve had since March - the thing I’ve been working on is sent to print next Tues. Gonna ba good to have some time off after all these deadlines, but going back to my normal insecure and underpaid freelance life is a bit mehh.

ANYWAY it’s finally getting nice and warm here, sat on the balcony in the sunshine yesterday and got lots of freckles. The cherry blossoms outside my building are finally out as well. Absolutely love this time of year here.

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Working on a bank holiday must suuuuuck balls.

Bh work crew checking in.

Still, ride in should be nice.

(We have Thurs off instead of today)

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Thanks for rubbing it in maaaaaan