Monday morning

Absolutely fuck this, I’m taking today off as holiday.

How are you?


Morning eps. Been awake since half 5. C be a already. Got an interesting meeting lined up with the MD of a brewery though so it’s not all bad, just mostly.

Morning eps, ma0sm, Funkhouser!

I’m up early as my GF is starting a new shift at work. Made her coffee and woke her up earlier.

I have to for eye and hearing tests at twelve, mandated by work. Not really concerned about either and I’m getting a half day out of it. When I get in I’m being given a new PC as well. About time says I.

Oh god another week


Knackered. Huge leak at work (not that kind) so that’s me sorted for a few hours

Got a day off. Kids didn’t give us a lie in and got a long list of jobs to do. First things first to make a pot of tea and put some tunes on

Half day off to drive home from Bristol. Top use of annual leave.

Hungover. Might give up the booze. Gonna call in sick.

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Fuck off Monday

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Unset my alarms for more :zzz: If all my decisions are this good, I’m in for a top week.

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Dont remember having a poo this weekend. :thinking:


Hi team. Had an odd weekend! Went up to Glasgow after daughter finished school and said goodbye to a bunch of kids she’ll likely never see again (most of them are not nice so it’s cool). Made it for a viewing and then was told we weren’t in the diary. Fuck.

Went out for dinner with MrsSheeldz and had a wee mini date though, and met vendors who have now jokingly became our new best pals (we didn’t like their house mind).

On Saturday woke and drove back to cockermouth and strisght to a birthday party at a champion fell runners house. Incredible house, incredible views. But they then said they are tearing it down and going to build an all new house.

Spent the rest of the weekend chilling. Nursing migraines. Also did a new podcast.

HOW is it Monday already?!

I’m really enjoying the marrow thread.

Morning all.

Monday, isn’t it. It could be worse - it could be raining.

Today will mainly be spent firefighting the work problems from Friday afternoon still.

Quite a pleasant 7am cycle ride in to work. So much less traffic during school holidays. The only interruption to my journey were those “considerate constructors” walking around in the road and stepping off the pavement without any regard to me coming along at all.

Mrs W has just called from her place of work to say that she’s realised she has both her keys and mine in her bag. I guess I’m having a very indoors kind of day today then.


Monday :white_check_mark:
Already about 30 celsius in here :white_check_mark:
CBA :white_check_mark:

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I had really buttery crumpets for breakfast and I keep smelling butter on my fingers and face.