Monday morning

Hello. It is a Monday. Again.

I have an easy day today, as I’m merely staying at home waiting for about 17 deliveries and an engineer to show up to connect the internet. I have the Switch, a solo boardgame, a solo penoid card game, and my tablet, so I’ll be fine. Also a lot of chores to do but, y’know, priorities.

I think someone has been sneaking plants in.

How is your day lining up?


Not sure if this is Autumn II or III. We’ll find out when @anon50098204 wakes up, I suppose.




Need to replace your aviary with a greenhouse.


Proper work dread today.

It’s so quiet in here. Is this how other people have been living all this time? I can’t hear anyone shouting at a baby or anything!

Been in since 5.30. a sickness bug is rattling through the shop as I’ve taken 8 sickness calls so far. This’ll be a fun day

Still feel hungover. WFH. Actually, need to do quite a bit of W. Might leave it until after lunch though.

Can’t be arsed mates


So much this

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I overdid it this weekend, by which I mean I did something on both days. That and forgetting half my meds has me feeling a bit sensitive. Also got my wake up call an hour early. Tiired.

Taking R for his flu vaccine this morning and then doing as little as he’ll allow me.

Reckon I can get a pair of 55 kg double mattresses up a fairly steep staircase on my own?

  • Yeah, piece of piss
  • RIP Eptimer

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Who’s eptimer?

He was a kind man. A gentle man. A gassy man.


Here we go again

Tired. Too much work this week. Social obligations. Repeat to fade.

Ugh. Cycled to the station this morning only to realise I’d forgotten my season ticket. Had to cycle back home again and catch the later train. Hate stuff like that, especially as I was feeling the work dread already.

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Minor housemate irks really winding me up this morning. It’s definitely Monday.

Keep telling myself it’s ok and I get to move soon and I’ll be able to afford a place on my own, but actually that’s in like three months, isn’t it? Jeez.

Even reading that made me really angry so I can’t even imagine how annoyed you were! Stay at home instead innit

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