Monday morning

dunno, I didn’t really fancy the burger but the more I think about it the more I do :thinking:

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Oh fantastic thanks! I’ll try to book that for the Thursday.

I’m excited! I can’t wait to EAT! And I’m a lil excited about it being my 30th whilst I’m there :speak_no_evil:

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Oh god. Delivery person says “ooh mate that’s a nice guitar”.

:nerd_face: “hactually it’s a Bass VI, this low E plucks string is the same octave as a bass but it’s tuned like a guitar.”

why am I like this


Went to a wedding on Saturday it was scheduled for 2 it started around 5 :expressionless:

Did some politicking on Sunday and then drifted off whilst watching I, Tonya

Probably off to training today, might try and watch Venom if pos :thinking:

Ah, fantastic, have a great time. That area is great to explore.

There’s a nice cafe bar place near the big mushroom thingies called Red House which is a nice chilled place for drinks, and not far from there next to a little bookshop (that’s like a left wing bookshop or something?) is a tiny little breakfast spot that gets REALLY busy but I went most mornings as I always struggle with finding a good breakfast on holiday. Mostly just ate tomato on toast every morning which is the typical breakfast, with lots of salt and oil. Yum. It’s called La Cacharreria and that area is sweet too.

Oh and if it’s your first time good luck not getting lost, or getting anywhere without doing the most long-winded detour you’ve ever done (also, the tourist maps of seville aren’t orientated with North at the top, lol)

I am intrigued, why was the wedding 3 hours late? did the bride have second thoughts? A hair disaster?

What did you do during the 3 hour wait?


Went on a four hour :bike: ride in what must be the wettest :cloud_with_rain: I’ve ever seen. Still wet 6 hours later. Then went to a Chinese cookery school except they took us to the local market first and showed us the :cat2: and :dog2: in cages :slightly_frowning_face:. Cooked and ate some ok food. Might go out for drinks in a bit.


To be honest, I got there at 2:40 because I kind of knew what would happen. There were some refreshments and I helped out a bit, chatted with people and read a book.

As for why, much as I love my heritage it essentially boils down to…let’s say a more relaxed attitude to time


We got a Facebook invite last week to a Nigerian Independence Day Party on 6th October.


Hi everyone! I’ve been puking for 24 hours with super bad abdo pain but apart from that I’m ok. Totally completed netflix too. Some friends are coming round to bring me soup later, I don’t know how some people are so nice and some are utter jerks.

Ha, that’s so sweet!

I’ve done a lot of work in Nigeria, and I definitely noticed that there is a different approach to… urgency.


You poor thing. Food poisoning or a virus? I’m glad you have good people looking after you :kissing_heart:

Doing some UAT on software upgrades now that performance issues have been fixed.

Not only do I have zero confidence in the results the software is given us but they’ve totally fucked with the underlying data meaning that I can no longer manually churn the data through my own macros to get results.

read something that was like ‘for a worthwhile pension you should have started ten years ago and be putting away £hundreds every month’

my take away from that was that i’ve already fucked it so might as well not bother

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Right I’m gonna do some worm when I’ve finished this green tea.

All my crockery has arrived.

this is the start of a horror film. it’s going to hatch in your sleep. nice knowing you :wave:


very sleepy

not sure how i am going to survive another 4 hours sat here

We are very different people.


Forgot my lunch didn’t I, so I’ve been forced into having a sweet chilli sausage roll, chips and beans from the cafe. Awful state of affairs.