Monday morning

Nothing better than waking up on a Monday knowing you don’t have work. :smirk:

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Me to myself today:


Is there damp in your house? I used to get this until we had our roof repaired.

Painter is coming over today to see about changing that!

I heard a humidifier is good for symptoms like that. Might be worth a shot.

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Urrrrrrrgh can’t be arsed. Short week though, off to the Lake District for a wedding on Thursday - Sunday. Tonight is my first night in for nearly 2 weeks and I cannot bloody wait.

Back from a weekend in South Wales. Think we’ve found a wedding venue, so I look forward to finding out that it’s massively over budget and starting the whole process over again.

Cold today. Might try to find an office to work from in winter so someone else can pay to keep me warm.

I don’t think so, they’re relatively brand new flats

Morning all

I’m surprisingly chipper for a monday morning. I put it down to easy traffic because it’s half term. I was aiming to get to work early anyway, so that’s good. Not to get to work, but because I thought I’d left my headphones on my desk, and there’s hot desking here, and it could have got complicated and…

And anyway, barely anyone was in by the time I got in, and my headphones were where I left them. So that’s good. I’ve got a busy-ish week ahead, but nothing too stressful.

And it’s :sunny: today, which helps too. All in all :+1:

Someone on the client side has wiped a bunch of important tables from our database. Strong start to the week.

I’m listening to The Eagles at work so my morning is fucking great thank you

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have a ridiculously busy day ahead at work, and the guy who was brought in to help me is off sick. I will be expected to do both my work and his work. fun.

we have a new restaurant at work and there is a pizza oven, quite tempted to get one today tbh :pizza:

Did 800 steps yesterday so should probably leave the house today.

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I’m very busy working right now.

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Morning all! I’ve been up sine 06:15 and still managed to be two minutes late from work, which is a five minute walk from my house.

Got my DiS State post! Thanks for changing that address @McGarnagle!

Have band practice tonight so I’m looking forward to a few hours of playing music and not thinking about work. BASS BASS BASS


I did 22000 so I should probably have stayed in my bed

Day off today. Just got back from the vets with the cat.

Not a lot planned, I need some new trainers and fleece, so I might pop to Crawley.

Need to look up a chimney sweep now. Feel like a Dickensian landlord.

Right well not this one anyway

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Have you not finished yet? When’s your last day?