Monday morning

End of Jan :confounded:

Wanted to do a proper handover and also means I’ve got a bit of breathing room on finding a job.

Been snoozing my alarm for nearly 3 hours. Feels a bit excessive

someone brought cookies into the office and I said “I accept your cookies” and they just said “great”


Didn’t sleep until about 4am.

Just remembered that, in my very tired and unable to sleep state, I sent an email about getting my 2nd tattoo. Welp/yay.

I hate you, Monday. I hate you so damn much.

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Had a really good weekend with my pal mooching around the city - knackered today though, wish I’d taken the day off. Cried loads at non-serious stuff in the last 24 hours (A Star is Born and Countryfile last night when they released an otter into the wild) so definitely riding that hormonal wave :surfing_woman:

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Is ‘A Star Is Born’ good? Tempted to go to it this weekend.

Found out at the weekend that I’ve got my partnership at work, with assumption into partnership effective 1 Nov. Announcement isn’t going out for a few days though, so I need to keep it under my hat. ARRRGHH.


Sevilla is such a gbo City.


I sobbed my heart out at Coco yesterday, and then again at Xfactor last night, so it’s safe to say that I am definitely having a period this week.


Bottom three contestants all black…

Yeah I loved it, so naff but in the best possible way. Everyone was in tears though so bring a tissue!

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i’ve thought about going a couple of times as i’ve heard it’s good from a few folk but every screening i’ve looked at has been hoaching

surprised it’s so popular

I did notice that.

The two who left were the worst though. (the woman should not have been in the bottom 3).

Nice, congratulations! The Milky Bars are on you then!

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Scouser’s the worst I reckon. Teabag makes me laugh with his squeaky voice I love him.

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Coco is amazing.



If TV law shows have taught me anything, it;s that “making partner” is a big deal

Your profile pic will look great on the company letterhead