Monday morning

WTF does hoaching mean japes?

I’ve heard that it’s decent from a few mates alright. Don’t think this is one I’ll go on my own to though.

I think the last time I cried at the cinema was ‘Toy Story 3’ so I’ll be fine!


This shit is never going to end, is it?

thank you. I should probably stop posting on popular internet music forum drowned in sound now. Or at least rein it in a bit for a while. :rofl::blush:

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Monday morning? No, I’m pretty sure this is the big one. The perma-Monday. It’s been going on for what feels like years already. We’re all locked in an endless Monday Morning and there’s nothing we can do.

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Thank you! First change I’m going to make it to incorporate pink, lilac and sky blue into the corporate branding!


Just calculated I’m about 7,400 working days from retirement.

WFH from home today. Feel like pure shite. Just want ma no cold sinuses back.

Not long now!

Left my nasal spray in the other house. Might die.

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Thiis the worst Monday of the year imo, the one beforethe clocks go back.

I don’t mind dark mornings in Dec, because it’s Christmassy, and I don’t even mind them so much in Jan/ Feb, because you’re conscious that each day is getting lighter as you head into spring. But it feels WRONG to be getting up in the pitch black in October. Thank goodness the clocks change next week, so we’ll have lighter mornings again for a few weeks.

urgh i know what it’s like. first job had a 3 month notice period and it was grim. second job was 1 month which was much better, but I did have a new position lined up.

I think it’s good to be loyal and do a proper handover, but all I ever got was deadlines coming forward so I had responsibility to complete!

Good luck on the job hunt!

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How long do you think it’ll take management to notice and adjust the day’s schedule accordingly? I assume we get to have a nap


I have to write a new process document this week. Literally cannot think of anything less exciting. Have to actually work out what the process is first.

Levels of cba sky high. In actual fact, even higher than that. Stratospherically high.

Hey gang

I’m WFH next couple of days as it’s half term

My son just made me a lovely coffee and I have a cat on me

It’s hard to say. We’ll presumably have to come up with a new way of measuring time in the Infinite Monday. I’m going by the number of cba sighs the guy across the desk from me makes. They seem pretty regular.

Brought teabags over but no mugs, kettles, or even a pan. Well done, me.

So just suck on the teabags like a grown up. Jesus stop being so mollycoddled


Makes me laugh the way your life is just one shit thing after another