Monday morning

I’m no plumber, but that does make logical sense.


Preparing for an interview in Caerphilly this afternoon that so far consists of learning the pronunciation of very welsh sounding local villages. Definitely more important stuff I should be brushing up on but the potential for ballsing up here is too high :grimacing:

This joke jokes itself

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“Hi I’m Johnny Knoxville and this is Bisto in the Bath”


I just had to send my class for a slightly early break because I was doing a load of really quiet farts that smelled like a landfill site.


Hope you’re gonna Take It Easy

There’s one mug.




Same as I tell everyone who goes but please go to Contendor for dinner. You have to book but you can do it on by email from their website. It’s over near Macarena district which is really nice.

It’s really lovely fresh food and i think the menu changes daily and they’ll happily cook off menu too as one time they didn’t have many veggie options I liked so they made something for me especially. Happiest chef I’ve ever seen (it’s an open kitchen and it’s soooo calm)

office next to some student accommodation that has just had the fire alarm go off.
If I was in my pants and a fire alarm went off in my building I would

  • Proceed outside in my pants
  • Take the 5-15 seconds to put some trousers or something on

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POTW contender

On occasion when some bantzster did a 3am fire alarm stunt at Uni the number of LADZ who chose to wander outside either in their pants, or, alternatively just in a dressing gown and otherwise commando was literally quite frightening.



Can’t decide whether it’s worth me starting a pension pot or just hoping/accepting that the world will be an unrecognisable burning orb by the time I’m 70 and spunking my disposable income on sushi and Uniqlo jumpers instead


Did you let @witches visit over the weekend or something?

That would explain this one.


thinking about lunch already

  • cheesburger and fries (work cafe special)
  • post office chinese / curry
  • soup + sausage roll
  • something else (please specify)

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please note, I do not know what the soup will be. also I am not in the mood for salad, I need calories after yesterday’s BBR

Why would you go for anything that’s not the burger then?

Fire alarm went off at the gym during yoga the other day and we had to exit by scaling, in bare feet (although not me as I had my flipflops) a flight of stairs soaked in piss because the fire doors at the top is a shady den where some wee jakeys drink (and piss out their drink) at night.

Pissy feet is not the worst thing though. At that very same gym, about ten or so years ago, I was having a Brazilian wax in the beauty room when the alarm went off. I was bare from the waist down, and she had just applied the wax (which you are then supposed to remove bit by bit in a calm and methodical fashion). There was nothing for it but for her to rip off the lot in one-er so that I could get my clothes on and evacuate (this turned out to be an actual fire in the kitchen of the hotel upstairs so just as well we did). My minge was an absolute state.


RIP sinuses.

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