Monday Morning!


Hello all! I’m still up and awake during a gigantic house party that’s going ln here.

What are you doing with your Monday?


fell asleep at 10, woke up at five and haven’t been able to get back to sleep. fml.


7.30 starts at work this week. At least it’s sort of almost light


Was lying in bed thinking about finishing a job application that’s due today so decided to get up and finish it. Fittingly misty and atmospheric outside.


Pretty much this.

Massive anxiety about work. Great stuff.


morning goose. morning all.

fucking beautiful day down here. got lots of life admin to do today. mundane shit like collect a prescription, send some records back to Amazon, do a few wash loads and other stuff that are so, so dull, I refuse to even talk about them.

staying at my mums for the next few days. quite looking forward to it, really. she always has lovely food in. so yeah, I’m gonna spend the next few days eating all her food. beautiful!

got my cafe induction thing tomorrow. been boning up on coffee related nonsense over the weekend. yep, I’ve become that guy

have a good un, son


:punch: :-1:


Gimme a C!
Gimme a B!
Gimme an A!

Or don’t, see if I care.


Not up for it


Think I’m so old that two days is such a small amount of time that the weekends don’t even register anymore. Seeing Josh t Pearson tonight but not really up for it. Also just got the regular badge


Beautiful morning, but worried about work again so didn’t sleep well.

I do love the view out my window on a day like this. Just a shame I’m going to be stuck in an office for 10 hours.


Morning all

I do a bit of extra work as a part-time university tutor and this morning is my first class of the year. Bricking it because the person who’s been teaching the module up to now is really prepared and experienced and I’m pretty sure the students are going to wonder who this mumbling foetus is that’s now teaching their class.


First day at proper work in a fortnight. Dreading it.


You could use the question, “Who is this mumbling foetus?” as an icebreaker / starter activity.


Also I wasn’t expecting to see a worse Halloween costume than my friend of a friends blackface wes brown, but this made me feel pretty ill


Yo! Flying to San Francisco for a week in our office over there. Always good fun apart from the flight.


Quite positive about today - wearing a new jumper, pants and socks alongside older favourites.

Marked loads of Higher exam questions yesterday and feel like I have actually taught my class the right stuff.

Only teaching until lunch then playing football with work later. It’s a much lower standard than my regular game, which means I come away feeling like I’m an awesome footballer.


Struggling at work at the moment, anxiety building up definitely. Gonna try and push through it today though :muscle:


:expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless:


the time when I am most envious of rich people is when i’m wearing brand new pants and socks thinking this is how rich people live EVERY DAY