Monday Night I Reckon

Alright? Had a stressful, shit day for about the 800th day in a row. Only tomorrow left till 9 days off though so that’s good. Having party food for tea and will play some more Mario Kart then carry on rereading Meet Me In The Bathroom I think. YOU?!?



Just started reading the buffy thread by accident - thought @ttf and @Gnometorious had just got into some Buffy chat in the daily thread


Had an awful day where I barely got anything done and I can’t snap out of the misery it has inflicted on me

I am the tortilla man


i mix pasta shapes

  • in an emergency
  • for pleasure
  • under no circumstance

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Today was basically a write off

I worked there 3 years ago, since when obviously quite a lot has changed including a big system update so nothing looks the same as it did when I was there, and it apparently hadn’t occurred to them that I might need, like, some guidelines on what I should be working on or notes on how to do stuff. When I was there I used to do 2 day refresher training for people who’d only been away a few months!

(guess what im having for tea)

Ordered a thing to hang on my wall, e-mail said it shipped 18th November. I just wrote an e-mail to the seller and I’m so scared I’m going to come off rude and entitled. :frowning:

I am currently in a dispute with Fruugo over the same problem

They take different amounts of time to cook

As long as you didn’t put “I want my thing NOW!” Then I’m sure you’ll be fine

I ordered something for Mrs F to hang on the wall on October 23rd which hasn’t arrived yet and I emailed 2 weeks later and they said it was en route but still nothing. Tracked it eventually and it turns out it’s come from China and is stuck in Holland so maybe that’s happened to you too.

Also, there are huge delays with containers from China atm due to border issues with the ol’ Corony so my boss has had to write off loads of stuff she ordered.

Gonna cook at different rates surely?

I had to do a similar thing with an order I’d placed with the RNLI, so not only did I feel like I was being a bastard, but i was being a bastard to a lifesaving charity.

What’s worse was that the order turned up the following day, before they’d had a chance to reply

In an emergency but with a smile on my face due to the novelty

Only if they’re a similar size/shape.

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spaghetti hoops and spaghetti peppa pigs


Doubt it, this person’s in Manchester. If I was going to be entitled, I would ask they cross the Pennines on foot to deliver it to me in person.

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